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Don't Listen to Smokey. Start a Forest Fire.

by Micah Bales

Scripture: I came to bring fire to the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled! ~ Luke 12:49

Sometimes the flames burn high, hot and fast. There are days like Pentecost when tongues of fire descend and touch each one of us on the head; days when the Spirit of God blazes; days when the fire is visible to anyone who is paying the least bit of attention. The whole forest glows in the light of the conflagration.

This fire calls to all the creatures of the forest. Its light draws us out of the dark woods. We come out of all our old ways of living and into a new relationship with God. We’re drawn to the fire because it gives warmth to our bodies and light to live by. We find community there, with the others who have been called out of darkness. For the first time, we see the world in color — not just the drab brown, gray and black of the forest.

But too much warmth can make us sleepy…

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