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40 Days of Prayer – Day 11: Gathered in Christ

Belize Friends School

On each Saturday of the 40 Days of Prayer for the Future of Friends, we focus on some particular people and projects central to the shared work and witness of FUM.

Throughout Jesus’ ministry, he consistently connected with the ones who were otherwise left out, looked over, and discarded. He gathered those who were homeless and out of options and called them his friends. In Belize, this same ministry continues through the presence of the Belize Friends School, by offering a second chance for students to retake their high school entrance exams. Without this opportunity, these students are likely to become one more in a growing number of young people who are unemployed and susceptible to gang recruiting.

Sam and Becky Barber, co-principals of the Belize Friends School, help provide educational oversight, as well as modeling and teaching Christian values to the students. With the help of their own children, the Barbers provide a living example of healthy family interaction and a picture of what it can mean to be a faithful follower of Christ to the students, their families, and community members.

The work and witness of gathering others in Christ is not always something we do. It is also very much a way of being, reflected in our deepest desire to abide in Christ and as we model it for others. In addition to their critical work of overseeing the school, the Barbers also seek to be this kind of example for the many people they come in contact with in Belize—especially those who would otherwise be discarded or go unnoticed.

Query for Reflection

Is Jesus reflected through who I am and what I do?

Action Step

Take a moment to consider someone you personally know who consistently gets ignored or has been “discarded” by others. Contact them today—in person, by phone, or mail—and simply let them know you have been thinking of them and want to encourage them. As you feel led, consider a gift to FUM to support the Barbers and the work of the Belize Friends School.

Prayer Focus

Lord, may you give the whole Barber family strength, wisdom, and joy as they serve and live in Belize City. May the students who attend the school be overwhelmed by your sense of compassion, and may they learn all they need to better their own lives and be ready to help others in the future.

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