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40 Days of Prayer – Day 15: Gathered in Community

As A People Who Pray

The most important lesson we can learn is how to pray. The prayer habit is a good habit, but praying by habit only is a very bad habit. This kind of praying is not conditioned after God’s order, nor generated by God’s power. Real praying helps God at the same time that it helps man. God’s Kingdom is advanced by it and the greatest good comes to us by it.

Prayer does not go unheard or unheeded, but is a voice which goes into God’s ear, living as long as God’s ear is open to holy pleas and as long as God’s heart is alive to holy things. Prayers outlive the lives of those who uttered them. God shapes the world by deathless prayer. The lips that uttered the prayers may be closed in death, the hearts that felt the prayers may have ceased to beat, but the prayers live before God.

The prayers of God’s people strengthen the unborn generation against the waves of sin and evil. Woe to the generation of sons and daughters whose fathers have been too preoccupied with fruitless arguments, church politics and divisions, pride and selfish superiority, malice, hatred, gossip, slander, self-righteousness and not God’s righteousness, having little or no time for prayer. Fortunate are they whose fathers and mothers have left them a wealthy patrimony of prayer. The prayers of God’s people are the capital stock in heaven by which Christ carries on His great work upon the earth.

Jacob Asige Chavulimu

Query for Reflection

Do we, Friends today, have a good prayer habit—one that advances God’s Kingdom—like that of early Friends?

Action Step

Talk to others about what prayer means to them, and share what it means to you. Establish a healthy heritage for the next generation by developing a habit of continually going to God in prayer.

Prayer Focus

We ask for the wisdom of God in our conduct and deed, and thank him for the privilege of praying in the power of his Son’s name.

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