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40 Days of Prayer – Day 18: Gathered in Community

Friends Theological College

On each Saturday of the 40 Days of Prayer for the Future of Friends, we focus on some particular people and projects central to the shared work and witness of FUM.

Faith communities are gatherings of people in which we are tutored in the graces of Christian discipleship. In addition, they offer us a laboratory to explore who we are called to be in Christ and how best we are to use our gifts for God’s glory and in service of others.

An intense and intentional form of this kind of community happens at Friends Theological College in Kaimosi, Kenya. Here, emerging ministers from a wide-variety of tribes, perspectives, and backgrounds come together to study pastoral ministry and become better equipped to lead and serve the Friends Church in East Africa.

Ann Riggs is in her third year as principal of FTC. She has been diligently working on achieving full accreditation for FTC by the Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA). In this process, Ann is helping FTC develop income generating projects that make the school more sustainable and meet accreditation criteria. This year she will be focusing on adding more and higher quality hands-on training and experience to give students the practical skills and faith experiences they need to prepare them for ministry.

Lon Fendall serves as academic consultant to Friends Theological College. He travels to Kenya from his home in Oregon three times a year and is the point person in shepherding the accreditation process. He brings a wealth of experience to this role.

FTC is critical to a vital Friends Church in East Africa. As a community gathered in Christ, FTC is helping transform a new generation of ministers for the present and future.

Query for Reflection

In what ways do I help my church/meeting be a community where all are tutored in the graces of Christian discipleship?

Action Step

Visit the library at your meetinghouse, a local bookstore/library, or the Friends United Press website ( Pick out a book to read that will encourage your faith, your understanding of theology, or will better prepare you for ministry…and read it! As you feel led, consider a gift to support Ann Riggs, Lon Fendall, and the work of FTC.

Prayer Focus

God, may the students, staff, and faculty of FTC sense your very real Presence among them. Give them a spirit of unity, an overwhelming passion to learn, and power to serve in all the ways you are calling them.

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