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40 Days of Prayer – Day 25: Gathered in Community

Africa Ministries Office

On each Saturday of the 40 Days of Prayer for the Future of Friends, we focus on some particular people and projects central to the shared work and witness of FUM.

The Gospel of Matthew concludes with Jesus sending out his followers, to go into all the world, proclaiming and demonstrating the great news of the Kingdom, and to invite others to know and follow him.

In East Africa, the work of gathering Friends into fellowships where Jesus is loved, known, and obeyed is, in part, coordinated by the talented and hard-working members of the Africa Ministries Office. Eden Grace, John Muhanji, and Judy Ngoya work together to support several project partners, encourage leadership development, and provide practical resources for local and yearly meetings. FUM intends to have an additional staff person join the team who will be a liaison to the more than 1,000 Quaker schools in Kenya and help ensure Quaker values and the peace curriculum are being taught effectively. This very small community of servants oversees and enables a wide array of ongoing ministries.

The AMO staff in Kisumu, Kenya, also see many great opportunities for expanded ministry in places like Uganda, Tanzania, Congo, and South Sudan. With an eye toward sustainability, avoiding dependency, and mobilizing a network of Kenyan resources and leaders, they hope to continue the ministry of gathering others into the fellowship of Jesus’ friends and seeing the church broaden their reach and deepen their impact throughout East Africa.

Query for Reflection

Is there someone(s) God is calling me to share my Good News with? Are there people in my life who might find a home in my meeting/church…but have never been asked to visit?

Action Step

Make a plan to invite one person/family to an activity (worship, study group, social justice activity, meal, etc.) related to your congregation. Contact them in the coming week to make the invitation. As you feel led, consider making a gift to support Eden Grace’s ministry or the overall work of the Africa Ministries Office.

Prayer Focus

Thank you, God, for the FUM staff and many amazing ministries in East Africa. Please guide them and give them wisdom to focus together on the concerns and work you feel are most important.

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  • Joy Corduff

    I have a concern that in the Good Works that are being done in E. Africa & w. hopes of spreading that the traditions & faiths of the people of African nations is being forgotten in the practice of evangelism, converting them to Christianity. This is not apart of the Society of Friends for me. I have attended Mtgs. for worship, been an active Friend, and officially joined the Society 23 yrs. ago. I believe the diversity of people can be cherished & celebrated while teaching Quaker values. Look forward to your response! In love & Peace, joy

  • Judy Ngoya

    I give thanks to God, whom I serve with a clear conscience, as my ancestors did. I thank Him as I remember you always in my prayers, night and day. I want to encourage you to be strong through the grace that in our union with Christ jesus the whole world will be reachd by the gospel of Christ.