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40 Days of Prayer – Day 27: Gathered in Community

As A People With Many Gifts And Different Functions

Years ago I brought down, from the spectacular mountain peaks of the Maroon Bells in Colorado, a stone that still nestles itself in my mind. It is small, jagged, and seems to hold minute diamonds inside it that, in sunlight, radiate a sudden warmth even when brought down from the high mountain. This is what I think of when I consider Friends as a people with many gifts and different functions.

We each carry with us into the mountains and valleys of our lives a stone, a particular gift that, with others in the gathered community, reflects into the ministries we’re about. The Light shining onto each stone releases a tiny brilliance. Our impulse is to push and enlarge this small burst of energy, this gift we see with our eyes. But rather, are we not called to walk together with such care that we avoid casting shadows upon the gift in others, barring the Light from it?

I wrote a Sonnet years ago that came to mind as I reflected on today’s topic. I share it with you here:

Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God
Within the foothills of my soul there lifts
A spirit that aspires yon mountain top.
As rich, inviting, verdant slopes ascend
I catch the labored rhythm of the climb
To learn the higher walk emerges to
A trail pulled through by some mysterious force
As but a ribbon, up and on until
The vanity of looking back is gone!
This is no simple heap of earth raised up
By ant and root. This is an edifice
Of single purpose, strength beneath my feet.
The air hangs crystal, earth and sky have met!
While plodding upward, seeking purity,
There waited God that I His Will might see!

Iola Cadwallader

Query for Reflection

How can I nurture the many gifts in my community?

Action Step

Make an individual or group covenant to support a particular member of your meeting through acts of kindness, prayer, time, etc., for the remainder of our 40 Days of Prayer.

Prayer Focus

Lord, thank you for the gifts and the people you’ve given those gifts to. We rejoice in you, the Giver!

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  • Linda Garrison

    Do we believe that each sparkle is lovely?