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40 Days of Prayer – Day 32: Gathered for Mission

FUM Richmond

On each Saturday of the 40 Days of Prayer for the Future of Friends, we focus on some particular people and projects central to the shared work and witness of FUM.

For many of us, “missions” is something that happens in a foreign place by people called and gifted in a specific way. A more biblical perspective might be that “missions” is not so much something we “do over there” but more a way of life that all followers of Jesus are called to assume. As we follow Christ, are we willing to join God’s work in the world wherever we are?

In Richmond, Indiana, the FUM staff work together to help us stay focused on a common mission being expressed all around the globe:

Friends United Meeting commits itself to energize and equip Friends through the power of the Holy Spirit to gather people into fellowships where Jesus Christ is known, loved, and obeyed as Teacher and Lord.

Through a variety of communication resources, by promoting holistic evangelism, developing leaders, and supporting global partnerships, the team in Richmond intends to equip and energize every Friend in our community so all can faithfully follow Christ wherever we live. Yvonne Snyder, Frank Monroe, Micah Bales, Annie Glen, Shari Veach, Kim Schull, Terri Johns, Barbara Smith, and Colin Saxton are your U.S. based staff. Working alongside the General Boards of North America and Africa and with the help of countless volunteers, they are here to serve you.

Query for Reflection

What would it look like for me to live my life as a “missionary” in my corner of the world? Would anything change?

Action Step

Visit the new FUM website ( Look over the resources available and become better informed about the life and work of the FUM community. As you feel led, consider a gift to the FUM general budget which supports the U.S. staff members.

Prayer Focus

Lord, we are grateful for the work of FUM around the world. Today, we pray for the strength and encouragement of the FUM staff. In addition, we pray for a revitalized ministry within all of North America — Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. — believing you want to continue to use Friends in a way that transforms the lives of individuals and our society.

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