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40 Days of Prayer – Day 37: Gathered for Mission

As Ones Who Walk Gently Upon The Earth

As I write this devotional, the calendar on my desk announces that Earth Day is fast approaching. Oh, how our earth calls out for and desperately needs actions that will heal and renew creation! Our New York Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice helps focus and define our effort to respond to that of God in creation with the following words:

“The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” All things are parts of God’s creation: the air and sky, rocks and minerals, animals and plants, the human race, the order of the universe. All natural resources are God’s gifts to be held and used by us as a sacred trust… If we listen to the earth, we will hear it proclaim the glory of God. If we enjoy and preserve the earth, it will become our home. And as we unite with creation, we draw ever nearer to God.

In New York, hydraulic fracturing — “fracking” — threatens to damage or destroy groundwater sources by injecting water mixed with sand and chemical fluids into deep wells in order to break open the rock and force natural gas out.

In Belize, the possibility looms of off-shore drilling that would threaten the largest living barrier reef in the world.

In Kenya, deforestation, changes in rainfall patterns, desertification, pesticide, and other agricultural runoff into water catchments seriously damage God’s creation.

In all of FUM’s constituencies, there are opportunities for F/friends to participate in projects to reclaim and renew our environment, as well as promoting our endeavor to “walk gently upon our earth.” This is mission work that cannot wait any longer.

Regina Baird Haag

Query for Reflection

How can I be a better steward of God’s Creation?

Action Step

Discover your carbon footprint; then pick one step to reduce it:

Prayer Focus

Father, forgive me for the part I have played in destroying the environment. I pray for those who are working toward the development of environmentally friendly strategies that can produce food and energy without causing further damage.

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