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40 Days of Prayer – Day 4: Gathered in Christ

Ramallah Friends School

On each Saturday of the 40 Days of Prayer for the Future of Friends, we will focus on some particular people and projects central to the shared work and witness of FUM.
As Jesus gathered his first disciples, he brought together an unlikely assortment of people. Despite their differences and even their hostilities, they began to see how their unity in him transcended their diversity and set past conflicts in a new light.

For over 150 years, the Ramallah Friends School has been nurturing and educating Palestinian young people in an academic environment based on Quaker values of peace, equality, and nonviolence. Committed to developing the whole person, the faculty and staff of RFS are preparing a new generation of united leaders in the historically divided Middle East.

Joyce Ajlouny is now serving in her eighth year as director of the Ramallah Friends School. She is looking forward to a busy year of strategic planning, continuing in the process of implementing the International Baccalaureate program in grades 6-10, increasing the number of classes in order to decrease the number of students per class, the construction of an eco-garden room on the school’s campus, and hiring a development and communications officer.

In one of the more volatile regions in the world, the ministry of reconciliation gets modeled and practiced through RFS as Christian and Muslim children learn how to live, work, and play together in ways not always common to others around them. Whether in worship or as they engage in the classroom, students experience the Presence of Christ in their midst, and so does the Ramallah community around the school, where the consistent and long-standing witness of Friends has had a significant and lasting impact on many people.

Query for Reflection

How is God calling me and my meeting/church to a ministry of reconciliation in the community where we live?

Action Step

Contact a school in your area. Find out if there is a way members of your meeting/church can help satisfy an unmet need there. As you feel led, consider a gift to FUM to support Joyce Ajlouny and the work of the Ramallah Friends School.

Prayer Focus

God, please bless Joyce Ajlouny and her staff as they serve and lead the work being done through the Ramallah Friends School. May the students experience the transforming reality of Jesus, and may you grant them the grace to live in and live out the peace needed in that place.

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