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40 Days of Prayer – Day 8: Gathered in Christ

As One Who Is Set Free

Last year I adopted a dog for the first time. My house became home to a six-year-old chocolate lab named Coco. She has brought joy to my life and taught me so much. One of the things she has taught me about is forgiveness. For example, when she decided to jump on the counter and eat a pan full of brownies, and the times she has left a “surprise” for me on the carpet, it was really hard for me to look in that guilt-ridden face and be too mad. She knew she’d messed up and no amount of harsh words from me would change that.

As adults, we are fully aware when we mess up. Guilt, shame, and hurt fill our hearts and weigh us down. The baggage of sin gets pretty heavy after a while. If you have the privilege of having a close friend or accountability partner to walk with you in life, they can often sense when you are feeling trapped and weighed down. Unfortunately, as much as they love you and care for you, they cannot take that burden away from you. The only way to experience freedom from sin, freedom from guilt, shame, and the baggage we carry is through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Forgiveness and freedom come from the shedding of blood. That’s what atonement is: to make a wrong right. The Bible says blood is God’s currency for the payment of sin. Atonement means God has taken the punishment that was rightfully yours and mine and placed it on his own Son. And what’s more, he’s taken Jesus’ righteousness and placed it on us. As a body of gathered people in Jesus Christ, we can only be free through his blood, shed on the cross for our sins. His righteousness becomes ours and we are filled with his Holy Spirit, ready to go into the world to do his work together.

Katy Palmer

Query for Reflection

What do I need forgiveness and freedom from in my life? What forgiveness and freedom do my meeting/church, yearly meeting, and Friends United Meeting

Action Step

Watch this video on YouTube called “Life in 6 Words—The Gospel”: If you don’t have access to the Internet, open your Bible and reflect on these Scripture passages:

Leviticus 17:11;
Romans 8:1-4;
Hebrews 9:14-­‐15,22;
1 John 4:10.

Prayer Focus

Father, forgive me for my trespasses. Thank you for covering them with your atoning blood. I welcome your love and salvation.

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