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5th Annual Northeastern Christ-Centered Friends Gathering, 8/30-9/2

“FOLLOW ME” – JOHN 21:19


5th Annual Northeastern Christ-Centered Friends Gathering for both the committed and the curious



This fifth annual gathering of Christ-centered Friends from the Northeast at Powell House will explore the radical discipleship among those early “friends” and how we might better live as disciples of Jesus.

Fees: $200. For campers on the grounds: $100. 10% discount for all first time attenders to Powell House conferences.

Efforts are being made to help make attendance affordable to anyone who wishes to be present. Donations to a scholarship fund may be sent to Powell House, attn: Ann Davidson, with “Labor Day Weekend” on the memo line.

For more information contact Connie Bair-Thompson @ To register for this or any Powell House conference, go to or call PoHo at (518) 794-8811 Wednesday through Saturday, 9 AM to 5 PM. PoHo’s email address is .

A Note from the Planning Committee:

Our aim is to explore what being a disciple of Christ means to us as individuals and as a Body.  What are we called to do among Friends and in the world? What could our lives look like if we gave them completely to God? How will our communities change if we commit to following Christ as individuals or together? We will pray for guidance and boldness as we explore what it means to be fully committed disciples of Christ.

While listening to the Spirit, we can expect to receive guidance and the strength to carry out what we are called to do.  Christ gives us wisdom, generously and without condescension.  He may choose to speak through some of us, or He may communicate His will directly to each of us, without a word being spoken.

We have designed a schedule that will give us time to share stories, hopes and concerns with one another and to learn from one another. There will be extensive times of waiting, unprogrammed worship – times for us to go deeper, to rest in the Love of Christ which transcends language and our individual pride and limitations.  There will be times for prayer and worship sharing groups, and times for singing, as well as times for fellowship over meals and during free time.

We hope you will join us to share in this faith adventure.