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Our Yearly Meetings

Friends United Meetings is an international Christian fellowship, made up of member Yearly Meetings throughout North America, the Caribbean, East Africa and the Middle East. Gathered together in the living presence of Jesus Christ, we are FUM.

Baltimore Yearly Meeting
17100 Quaker Lane, Sandy Spring, MD 20860; (301)774-7663; (800)962-4766; fax (301)774-7087; websitee-mail. Riley Robinson, General Secretary; Ken Stockbridge, Presiding Clerk.

Bware Yearly Meeting
P.O. Box 179, Suna 40400, Kenya, East Africa; e-mail. Samuel Kaguli Omondi, General Secretary; Albert Njeria, General Superintendent; Philip Mwangale Omondi, Presiding Clerk.

Canadian Yearly Meeting
91-A Fourth Ave., Ottawa, ON K1S 2L1, Canada; (613)235-8553; fax (613)235-1753; websitee-mail. Dale Dewar, Clerk.

Central Yearly Meeting
P.O. Box 1510, Kakamega 50100, Kenya, East Africa; e-mail. Seth Shikunzi Okang’a, General Secretary; Aggrey Karoli, General Superintendent; Nathan Mukhwana, Presiding Clerk.

Chavakali Yearly Meeting
P.O. Box 102, Chavakali 50317, Kenya, East Africa; e-mail. Obedy Ombuya, General Superintendent; Stephene Mutange, General Secretary; Abineah H. Chavangi, Presiding Clerk.

Chebuyusi Yearly Meeting
P.O. Box 47, Nambacha 50125, Kenya;; Modley N. Sifuna, General Superintendent; Festus Esmael Baraza (Acting) General Secretary; Hannington Wegulo, Presiding Clerk.

Chwele Yearly Meeting
P.O. Box 428, Chwele 50202, Kenya, East Africa. Stephen Sikulu Kisiangani, General Secretary; Alex Waliaula, General Superintendent; Charles Sirengo, Presiding Clerk.

Cuba Yearly Meeting
Calle 20 # 118 Esquina Paz, Reparto Vista Alegre, 80300 Holguín, Cuba; phone 001-53-24421415. Odalys Hernandez, Clerk.

East Africa Yearly Meeting (Kaimosi)
P.O. Box 35, Tiriki 50309, Kenya, East Africa. Ephraim Konzolo Muhadi, General Secretary; Francis Amwayi, General Superintendent; Michael Sabwa, Presiding Clerk.

East Africa Yearly Meeting of Friends (North)
P.O. Box 544, Kitale 30200, Kenya, East Africa; e-mail. Jairus Ngesa Igunza, General Secretary; John P. W. Wachiye, General Superintendent; Alfred Sagala, Presiding Clerk.

Elgon East Yearly Meeting
P.O. Box 2322, Kitale 30200, Kenya, East Africa; e-mail. Peter Katimi, General Secretary; Moses Webale, General Superintendent; Humphrey Mutende, Presiding Clerk.

Elgon Religious Society of Friends (Lugulu)
P.O. Box 4, Lugulu Via Webuye 50218, Kenya, East Africa; e-mail. Benaiah Sisungo, (Acting) General Secretary; Gabriel Khaemba, (Acting) General Superintendent; Amos Dodo, Presiding Clerk.

Great Plains Yearly Meeting of Friends (formerly Nebraska)
1840 W University, Wichita, KS, 67213-3966; (316)262-0471; websitee-mail. Laura Dungan, Presiding Clerk.

Highland Yearly Meeting

P.O. Box 2017, Kisii 40200, Kenya; Fred J. Obande, General Superintendent; Mackenzie Ruben Oguma, General Secretary; Jospeh Ondigi Onsando, Presiding Clerk.

Indiana Yearly Meeting
4715 N. Wheeling Ave., Muncie, IN 47304-1222; (765)284-6900; fax (765)284-8925; websitee-mail. Doug Shoemaker, General Superintendent; Stephen Howell, Clerk.

Iowa Yearly Meeting
P.O. Box 657, Oskaloosa, IA 52577; (641)673-9717; fax (641)673-6830; websitee-mail. Ron Bryan, General Superintendent; Daryl Coffin, Clerk.

Jamaica Yearly Meeting
4 Worthington Ave., Kingston 5, Jamaica WI; (876)926-7371; e-mail. Horace Hall, Clerk; Monica Bigby-Malloy, Secretary.

Kakamega Yearly Meeting
P.O. Box 465, Kakamega 50100, Kenya, East Africa; e-mail. Harun Wesley Sasita, General Secretary; Patrick Muganda, General Superintendent; Simon Shigali, Presiding Clerk.

Lugari Yearly Meeting
P.O. Box 483, Turbo 30106, Kenya, East Africa; e-mail. Ballet Murengu, General Superintendent; Joseph B. Asava, General Secretary; Elfas Ganani, Presiding Clerk.

Malava Yearly Meeting
P.O. Box 26, Malava 50103, Kenya, East Africa; e-mail. Mark Kutima, General Secretary; Simon Belengu, General Superintendent; Nathan Andala, Presiding Clerk.

Nairobi Yearly Meeting
P.O. Box 8321, Nairobi 00300, Kenya, East Africa; e-mail. Sussie Ndanyi Agoi, General Secretary; Aggrey Mukilima, General Superintendent; Simon Angote, Presiding Clerk.

New Association of Friends
503 S. Main St., New Castle, IN 47362; (484) 904 7456; Catherine Griffith, Presiding Clerk.

New England Yearly Meeting
901 Pleasant St., Worcester, MA 01602; (508)754-6760; websitee-mail. Noah Baker Merrill, Yearly Meeting Secretary; Sara Hubner, Office Manager; Jacqueline Stillwell, Clerk.

New York Yearly Meeting
15 Rutherford Place, New York, NY 10003; (212)673-5750; websitee-mail. Christopher Sammond, General Secretary; Helen Garay Toppins, Associate Secretary; Jeffrey L. Hitchcock, Clerk.

North Carolina Yearly Meeting
4811 Hilltop Rd., Greensboro, NC 27407; (336)292-6957; websitee-mail. Donald Farlow, Superintendent; Mike Fulp, Sr., Clerk.

Tanzania Yearly Meeting

P.O. Box 151, Mugumu, Serengeti, Tanzania; Pius Makena, Presiding Clerk.

Tongaren Yearly Meeting

P.O. Box 93, Tongaren 30218, Kenya; Maurice Simiyu, General Superintendent; Henry Wekesa, General Secretary; Eliud Sikolia, Presiding Clerk.

Tuloi Yearly Meeting

P.O. Box 128, Sirwa 50305, Kenya; Ernest Kesohole, (Acting) General Superintendent; Moses S. Khayumbi, (Acting) General Secretary; Gerishom Lusimba, Presiding Clerk.

Uganda Yearly Meeting

P.O. Box 162, Mbale, Uganda; Wamalia Francis, General Superintendent; Waninga Charles, General Secretary; Wopicho Apollo, Presiding Clerk.

Vihiga Yearly Meeting

P.O. Box 160, Vihiga 50310, Kenya; Eric A. Mahanga, General Superintendent; Matthew M. Keverenge, General Secretary; Arthur Luvai, Presiding Clerk.

Vokoli Yearly Meeting

P.O. Box 266, Wodanga 50311, Kenya; Samson Indangasi Mashetty, General Superintendent; Ephaim Mudoga Ludeki, General Secretary; John Munambo, Presiding Clerk.

Western Association of the Religious Society of Friends
13205 E. Philadelphia Street, Whittier, CA 90601-9805; (562)698-9805; websitee-mail. Bob Secord, Clerk.

Western Yearly Meeting
P.O. Box 70, Plainfield, IN 46168; (317)839-2789 and (317)839- 2849; fax (317)839-2616; websitee-mail. Wanda Coffin Baker, Superintendent; Pat Sims, Clerk.

Wilmington Yearly Meeting
Pyle Center Box 1194, Wilmington, OH 45177; (937)382-2491; fax (937)382-7077; websitee-mail. Doug Haag, Executive Secretary.