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Belize Friends School Update – July/August 2013

By Sam and Becky Barber

The reputation of Belize Friends School (BFS) has created an atmosphere of trust with the other schools in the city. Some time ago, the schools in the area declined to have any contact with us and requested that we not distribute flyers, but now two schools have asked for application forms.

The school’s ministry is an alternative school. As such, we teach in a different manner than regular schools, stressing what the future would be without an education. Our efforts at getting students into high school have been noticed, and we are getting a reputation for going the extra mile. This diligence and care for each student’s success has been noticed. Currently, five students will return in the fall. One new family has completed an application for their child, and about a dozen applications have been requested.

BFS hosted work teams this spring. The group from Wilmington Yearly Meeting built an outdoor shower for us and garden boxes for use at home and school.

The team from Grinnell First Friends Iowa Yearly Meeting painted sections of the school, the outdoor shower (built by the previous team) and the home of our next door neighbor.

Both of these teams conducted after school clubs which were well attended by local children.