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Belize History

Belize Friends Boys School is an outgrowth of a ministry begun by Ms. Sadie Vernon in the 1970s. Sadie had a vision for the youth on the south side of Belize City, Belize, which included a chance at continuing their education. Mike and Kay Cain of Indiana Yearly Meeting went to Belize to help Sadie and ended up serving over a decade as the directors of the Belize Friends Boys School

With the British educational system, failure to pass the eighth grade exam that would allow students to go to high school means that youngsters have little chance for productive employment. Belize Friends Boys School has provided boys who did not pass their eighth grade exam with the opportunity to take another year of study and retake the exam. Over the years the school has had an impressive success record of young men being able to go on to high school, graduate, and some have even attended college.

Following an interim term of administrative service by Indiana Yearly Meeting volunteer, Pat Shrock, Sam and Becky Barber from Iowa Yearly Meeting have just completed one full year as the principals of the school. Sam and Becky are ably assisted by their four children, Robert, Katie, Kristy, and Kassie.

New visions are being realized. The school is now accepting girls. It also recognizes that some of its students may need to spend more than one year to reach the goal of passing the exam. Seven of our current students are already enrolled to return next fall for their second year. The school has a very good working relationship with the Ministry of Education in Belize and is gaining a wider reputation in Belize City. There is also a shared vision of beginning a worship group with the school community as the focus. Thank you for your support in helping FUM provide a brighter future for students in Belize!