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Blessed Connections in Belize — a letter from Becky Barber

April 2012

Dear Friends,

Recently the blessings of being connected have been on my mind. It is difficult serving in a country where there aren’t many Quakers to lean on and share in those immediate moments of joy or concern. We have developed a really good team with our teacher, Ms. Candi (pictured at right, working with students in the computer lab), who some of you were able to meet during our travels in the U.S. in the summer of 2011. However, we still miss the presence of Friends. And yet, in so many ways, you are here in Belize.

When we share our prayer requests and you respond by praying for us, we know that through God’s grace you are with us. Scripture says, “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them” (Matthew 18:20). I have experienced and believe that even though we may not be together in the same place, we are “gathered together” for the same purpose as we pray. The Spirit canspan the distance, and that indeed is a great blessing!

We appreciate connecting with you through the weekly devotional and prayer requests. We also appreciate those who write and circulate the devotion. It is so good to have the opportunity to share our joys and concerns in a timely manner.

We love getting letters and cards in the mail. I look forward to opening every card I get from each USFWI group and look through to see which names I recognize and how many I can’t yet recognize but want to come to know. Each name is an added blessing.

One of the things I like about our U.S. travels is meeting our partners and hearing about their connections to the Belize Friends School. The interest that others show in this Friends ministry blesses me. Another thing that really blesses my soul is to hear about all the creative ways that God has provided through your hard work and creativity. We get a donor report each month, but we don’t know the stories of how those dollars were raised until someone shares. I choose to believe that God gives each of those creative ideas to just the right person and those ideas develop into dollars for the ministry in Belize. Loose change jars, benefit dinners, bike-a-thons, craft sales, cookie dough and even puppy sales are just a few of the ideas that have turned into moneymakers for Belize. God works in amazing ways and through really amazing people.

Of course, we also love it when Friends are able to come to Belize to physically connect with us. It gives us a chance to show our visitors what we do. They can see our students and know their condition and surroundings. We not only connect with our guests but they are able to connect with the Belize ministry in a different way. Some potential guests are worried about inconveniencing us, but we are so energized by guests who bring their excitement and show their support and interest in this way that we don’t see inconvenience, we only see blessing.

The blessing of being connected and reconnected is an amazing thing. Occasionally there are days that get the best of me and I feel all alone. But mostly I feel that there is a great group of partners, enjoying the blessings and challenges of Belize, walking beside me each day. That intangible spirit of cohesiveness, held together by God’s grace and the prayers of our partners, carries me through. Being held in the Light is a really good thing!

In His Service,
Becky Barber and the Barber bunch

P.S. Thank you for continuing to support God’s ministry in Belize! This year alone you are changing the lives of 20 students through your prayer and financial support. Next year it is our hope to minister to even more. Every dollar, every prayer, every visit enables us to make a difference!