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Canadian Faith and Practice

For the first time since its formation in 1955 from the union of Canada Yearly Meeting (Orthodox), Canada Yearly Meeting (Conservative) and Genesee Yearly Meeting (Hicksite), Canadian Yearly Meeting has produced a uniquely Canadian Faith and Practice, expressing the Canadian Quaker experience.

What is it that makes Canadian Yearly Meeting’s Quaker experience distinctive? This book of Faith and Practice reflects who the Canadian Quakers are and where they came from — that is, their roots — in both a geographical and a theological sense. The writings collected in this Canadian Faith and Practice express different ways of understanding the Quaker faith and, in particular, different points along the Christian-Universalist continuum. Canadian Friends urge others to read the extracts in the same way we listen to vocal ministry — even when it does not match your own beliefs, welcome rather than reject a message as a means of testing the strength and validity of your own conviction and as a way of enlarging your vision.

From its inception, the creation of their own Faith and Practice book was conceived as a project of the whole yearly meeting and all Canadian Friends were called on to work, either as a group or individually, to identify appropriate writings. It is this process of participation by Friends that, more than geography or history or any other factor, makes this book distinctively a Canadian Quaker Faith and Practice— the sense of a yearly meeting attempting to express its deepest life.

Copies are available from Quaker Book Service.