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Friends in Cuba

Christ’s message resonates powerfully in Cuba, a country with shortages of everything but sugarcane, where daily life requires discomforts beyond the experience of most North American Friends. Cuba is experiencing a renaissance of Christian faith, and Cuban Quakers are sharing the good news that they have discovered in the living presence of Jesus Christ. In this context of religious rebirth and renewal, the Quaker message of “Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Col 1:27) is taking root and growing throughout this island nation.

Friends in Cuba love to receive visitors. For a variety of reasons – from their island location to historical travel restrictions imposed by the United States – Friends in Cuba are relatively isolated from the worldwide body of Christ. In this context, visits from foreign Friends can be greatly encouraging. Are you interested in visiting among Friends in Cuba? Friends United Meeting sponsors regular religious visits to the island, which are exempt from US travel bans.

Friends in Cuba benefit greatly when churches sponsor work teams or send individuals to be on a work team in Cuba. Meetinghouse repair and construction is a great need in Cuba, and Cuba Yearly Meeting would be blessed to receive volunteers from abroad. FUM sponsors regular work teams from North America to Cuba.

Check out the articles below to learn more about what's happening among Friends in Cuba:

a visit from the dentist

FUM News in Brief – January/February 2015

Out of the Forest to Peace By Getry Agizah, Coordinator, Friends Church Peace Teams Mt. Elgon has experienced many conflicts since Kenyan independence. These conflicts are based on tribe, land and politics. The worst violence that took place was between the years 2006-2008 and began because of a land dispute at a settlement called Chepyuk. This happened because the scheme…

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FUM News in Brief – September/October 2014

Kaptama Health Centre Vision Camp on Mt. Elgon, Kenya By John Muhanji It was a moment when the dark mountain became bright and nature could be seen from its true colors — a moment when a cloudy atmosphere disappeared from the face of Julius who now saw his wife differently. Julius’s eye sight was invaded by cataracts many years ago….

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Cuba Work Team – January/February 2015

Visit and work among Friends Meetings in eastern Cuba, particularly in Holguin and Gibara at sites where Cuban Friends meet for camp, yearly meeting sessions and pastoral training. Some stamina is required for unskilled construction tasks, travel, longer walks and multiple church gatherings. Dates: Last week of January through first week of February (exact dates determined on flight schedule from…

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Visit and Celebrate with Cuba Yearly Meeting

Join Friends in Cuba in celebration of Cuba YM’s founding Visit among Friends Meetings in eastern Cuba and celebrate the founding of Cuba Yearly Meeting. This week with Cuba Yearly Meeting will provide an opportunity to be immersed in the rhythm and hum of Quaker worship in the sanctuary and on the street. The WORK of this group will be…

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Equipping To Serve: Through Work Teams

Belize Work Teams By Nancy McCormick My husband Mike and I have served on several work teams, Friends Disaster projects, hosting work camp experiences for youth, traveling with young and old to Belize City, Belize and while working as Friends Pastors for almost 35 years. It has been our desire to see living water stir within the hearts of those…

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Cuba Yearly Meeting

Cuba Work Team 2014

This January 20th-February 1st, join Friends United Meeting, on an enriching encounter in Cuba. This experience might just increase your faith, encourage more frugal approach to life, and set you on fire to share with others. As a participant you can expect to work on the  construction of the three-story building in Holguin to house the seminary, retired pastors and yearly…

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Building Relationships through FUM Work Teams to Cuba

By Sylvia Graves Nearly every year for the past decade or more, Friends United Meeting has sent a work/visitation team to Cuba with several goals in mind: learn about our Cuban Friends, build relationships, encourage Friends ministries and do a work project. Our team came back thinking we had received much more encouragement from our Cuban Friends than we gave…

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Quaker Life - Mar/Apr 2012

FUM Work Team Opportunities

One of the most meaningful opportunities that FUM provides is participation on a work team to one of our project partners. Every winter a work team travels to Cuba to meet for the first time or renew friendships with Friends in Cuba Yearly Meeting, as well as work and worship alongside them. Cuba Yearly Meeting has been a member of…

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Blessed by God

By Ramon González Longoria Escalona, Translated by David Johns  Our church was born when American Friends Board of Foreign Missions was still quite young. For our beginning we are indebted to Iowa, Indiana, Wilmington and North Carolina Yearly Meetings, among others,who combined forces to bring us the gospel of salvation. After the terrible crisis of the 1920s, Cuba Yearly Meeting…

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