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Friends in East Africa

In just a few generations, the Friends community in East Africa has been transformed from a mission project of American and British Quakers into a network of more than a dozen yearly meetings in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and beyond.

Today, East African Quakers represent a solid majority of the Religious Society of Friends worldwide, and they continue to grow in numbers, experience and self-reliance. Friends in East Africa are now completing the missionary cycle, sending their own gospel workers to share the good news of Jesus Christ in other regions of the Africa continent.

East Africa is home to a wide variety of Friends projects. Some of these were founded many decades ago by earlier waves of North American and British missionaries. Many others have been established more recently through the autonomous efforts of Friends in East Africa. All of these mission sites represent the ongoing work of Friends United Meeting in Africa.


Standing for Peace and Reconciliation Statement on Burundi, May 2015

“We utterly deny all outward wars and strife and fightings with outward weapons, for any end, or under any pretence whatsoever; and this is our testimony to the whole world.” -George Fox, 1660 As organizations that are part of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) we are deeply concerned by the situation in Burundi. We grieve the loss of life…

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AMO Staff

Job Opening: Communications Officer – Africa Ministries Office

JOB DESCRIPTION Job Title: Communications Officer — Africa Ministries Office Department: Global Ministries, with significant participation in the Communications Department Employment Status: Full time/non-exempt This position is designated for a North American candidate who meets the following qualifications: Passionate understanding for and practical experience in holistic mission work. Cultural competence and humility, with previous cross-cultural experience strongly preferred. Willingness and ability…

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a visit from the dentist

FUM News in Brief – January/February 2015

Out of the Forest to Peace By Getry Agizah, Coordinator, Friends Church Peace Teams Mt. Elgon has experienced many conflicts since Kenyan independence. These conflicts are based on tribe, land and politics. The worst violence that took place was between the years 2006-2008 and began because of a land dispute at a settlement called Chepyuk. This happened because the scheme…

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Wafula meets with faculty

Update from Robert Wafula and Friends Theological College

Dear Friends, Greetings from Kaimosi, Kenya! I am sending to you this message with the hope that you are well. It is now two months since I stepped onto this beautiful, cool, wooded campus that is the historic home and mission founded by African Quakers in Kaimosi. I know you may have been anxiously waiting to hear from me on…

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Urgent Update & Prayer Request from Kenya Quakers

11/4/2014 BREAKING: African Quakers face threat of violence as S. Sudanese war spills into Kenya refugee camp Kakuma Refugee Camp, in the remote desert region of Turkana in northwestern Kenya, is over-crowded and under-serviced. Nearly 200,000 people are essentially imprisoned in the camp, without the freedom to leave and seek work or education in Kenya. Even at the best of…

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FUM News in Brief – September/October 2014

Kaptama Health Centre Vision Camp on Mt. Elgon, Kenya By John Muhanji It was a moment when the dark mountain became bright and nature could be seen from its true colors — a moment when a cloudy atmosphere disappeared from the face of Julius who now saw his wife differently. Julius’s eye sight was invaded by cataracts many years ago….

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Turkana Friends Mission Update: August 2014

Turkana Friends Mission (TFM) was founded in the northwest corner of Kenya in order to create Christian communities for outreach, discipleship, education, peace, integrity and sustainability. Our mission’s goal is to reach, equip and energize these communities spiritually, mentally and physically. Three new churches have been established in the last few months, in the villages of Lolim, Naringelup and Kaituko….

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Video: “Today, God Sent Me To Bring Peace…”

Sammy Letoole, Director of the Samburu Friends Mission, arrived in Baragoi, Kenya, in the middle of the Turkana settlement, a tribe in conflict with his own Samburu tribe. Surrounded, he believed they thought him a spy. Letoole shared with confidence, the words on his heart. “Today, God sent me to bring peace… The work of the church is to initiate…

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Help us color in these books!

Update on Robert Wafula Support Raising

Help us color this tower of books! At the conclusion of Triennials, the monthly pledge total for Robert Wafula’s ministry account was at $1400, that’s $4800 less than is needed. It would be a great encouragement to students and faculty at Friends Theological College if Robert could be there at the beginning of the school year in late August. Can…

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Update Letter from Robert and Nancy Wafula

Dear Friends, Greetings. I hope this letter finds you doing fine. We feel incredibly honored to have you and your family investing in us to commence our ministry at Friends Theological College, Kenya. We still have a long way to go. As you pray for us, we would like to keep you in the picture of what has been happening…

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