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Are You Ready for the Refiner's Fire

Are You Ready for the Refiner’s Fire?

The Refiner’s Fire By Lynda Ladwig My grandfather fancied himself to be a bit of a prospector and he would bring home many beautiful rocks and pieces of ore that he would extract from his mine in the desert. He often told us kids about the process of discovering and finding the value and beauty in each and every rock….

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a visit from the dentist

FUM News in Brief – January/February 2015

Out of the Forest to Peace By Getry Agizah, Coordinator, Friends Church Peace Teams Mt. Elgon has experienced many conflicts since Kenyan independence. These conflicts are based on tribe, land and politics. The worst violence that took place was between the years 2006-2008 and began because of a land dispute at a settlement called Chepyuk. This happened because the scheme…

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listening and learning at FUM triennial

Listening and Learning at FUM Triennial

By David Herendeen My decision to attend the FUM Triennial this year arose from a desire to act on a long-held concern that New York Yearly Meeting Friends remain engaged and connected with FUM. Coming to terms with my reservations (and fears), I felt I was ready now to follow through on my concern. I am thankful for the generous…

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FUM News in Brief – November/December 2014

An Interview with Darcel Murray and Candi Young By Dale Graves Darcel is the second teacher in the Belize Friends School classroom in the mornings and supports Candi. In the afternoons Darcel teaches language arts and social studies. Candi teaches in the mornings and serves as Acting Principal. Dale Graves: (I knew that Darcel lives on the south side now,…

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Silent Night, 1914

By Charles David Kleymeyer, PhD Christmas Eve 2014 will mark the 100th anniversary of a remarkable event in the history of war and peace. Across two-thirds of the British-German front, and along the French and Belgian fronts as well, as the early months of that terrible and ironic “War to End All Wars” drew to a close, soldiers and officers…

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Urgent Update & Prayer Request from Kenya Quakers

11/4/2014 BREAKING: African Quakers face threat of violence as S. Sudanese war spills into Kenya refugee camp Kakuma Refugee Camp, in the remote desert region of Turkana in northwestern Kenya, is over-crowded and under-serviced. Nearly 200,000 people are essentially imprisoned in the camp, without the freedom to leave and seek work or education in Kenya. Even at the best of…

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2015 Chain of Prayer

Chain of Prayer 2015

Dear Friends, All around the world, we are linked to other Friends through our common membership in Friends United Meeting. On a much deeper and important level, however, we are knit together by the shared presence of Christ’s Spirit within us. We have been gathered together in the Body of Christ in the hope we will walk in harmony with…

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A Spontaneous Prayer

By Ruthie Tippin Lord, God, some of us know you by only one name. And, we treasure that name and we treasure that relationship. We can only see you as being that name. Lord God, you are known by so many names. You are such fullness. You are over all, above all, in all and through all. And you cannot…

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FUM News in Brief – September/October 2014

Kaptama Health Centre Vision Camp on Mt. Elgon, Kenya By John Muhanji It was a moment when the dark mountain became bright and nature could be seen from its true colors — a moment when a cloudy atmosphere disappeared from the face of Julius who now saw his wife differently. Julius’s eye sight was invaded by cataracts many years ago….

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Joyful, Fearless and Always in Trouble!

By Colin Saxton It has been a good week at the Triennial, hasn’t it? We were enlivened by the Spirit of God. We were re-membered, one-to-another into that living reality known as the Body of Christ. And maybe, just maybe, we are little more prepared to go back into our communities ready to continue the ministry of Jesus. What do…

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