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Janine Saxton and Judith Ngoya

What’s wrong with “short term missions”?

by Eden Grace You’ve probably seen the blogs, articles and Facebook posts. If you’re like me, you’ve succumbed to the click-bait. They have titles like “10 Things Not to Do on a Short-Term Mission Trip”, “24 Things World Christians Wish North American Short-Term Missionaries Would Quit Doing” and “7 Worst International Aid Ideas”. It seems that there’s a problem, and…

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Odalys and Janine

Living Letters Gifts of Presence and Service to Cuba – January/February 2016

January/February 2016 trip Visit and work among Friends Meetings in eastern Cuba, particularly in Holguin and Gibara at sites where Cuban Friends meet for camp, yearly meeting sessions and pastoral training. Some stamina is required for unskilled construction tasks, travel, longer walks and multiple church gatherings. Dates: January 21 – February 3, 2016 Cost: $2100 Participant Limit: 10 team members Deadline: September 15, 2015 REGISTER NOW!…

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Living Letters to Cuba

Living Letters Intervisitation Trip to Cuba – November 2015

Anniversary Celebration Visit among Friends Meetings in eastern Cuba and celebrate the founding of Cuba Yearly Meeting. This week with Cuba Yearly Meeting Friends will provide an opportunity to be immersed in the rhythm and hum of Quaker worship in the sanctuary and on the street. The WORK of this group will be to gather with both the FUM team…

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Building Relationships through FUM Work Teams to Cuba

By Sylvia Graves Nearly every year for the past decade or more, Friends United Meeting has sent a work/visitation team to Cuba with several goals in mind: learn about our Cuban Friends, build relationships, encourage Friends ministries and do a work project. Our team came back thinking we had received much more encouragement from our Cuban Friends than we gave…

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Quaker Life - Mar/Apr 2012

FUM Work Team Opportunities

One of the most meaningful opportunities that FUM provides is participation on a work team to one of our project partners. Every winter a work team travels to Cuba to meet for the first time or renew friendships with Friends in Cuba Yearly Meeting, as well as work and worship alongside them. Cuba Yearly Meeting has been a member of…

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