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Friends in East Africa

In just a few generations, the Friends community in East Africa has been transformed from a mission project of American and British Quakers into a network of more than a dozen yearly meetings in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and beyond.

Today, East African Quakers represent a solid majority of the Religious Society of Friends worldwide, and they continue to grow in numbers, experience and self-reliance. Friends in East Africa are now completing the missionary cycle, sending their own gospel workers to share the good news of Jesus Christ in other regions of the Africa continent.

East Africa is home to a wide variety of Friends projects. Some of these were founded many decades ago by earlier waves of North American and British missionaries. Many others have been established more recently through the autonomous efforts of Friends in East Africa. All of these mission sites represent the ongoing work of Friends United Meeting in Africa.

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Video: Learn About the Education for Esther Project!

“My name is Eden, and I’d like you to meet some Kenyan girls who want to go school. They come from the Samburu and Turkana communities, where girls don’t have much of a chance to attend high school.” “There’s a lot of poverty in these parts of Kenya; most families can’t afford to pay for their children to go to…

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FUM Announces Handover of Kaimosi Hospital

Friends Hospital Kaimosi has been handed over to the National Council of Churches of Kenya Eight years ago, Friends United Meeting entered into a temporary arrangement with East Africa Yearly Meeting to restore Friends Hospital Kaimosi from the brink of collapse. The hospital’s situation was dire, and Friends around the world answered the call with an outpouring of prayer, volunteer…

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Grassroots Ministry: Energizing and Equipping in Uganda and Tanzania

By Marian Baker Within a week of retiring, I had a deep sense that God was calling me to go encourage women in ministry in East Africa and not to be tied to any one institution. Since following that leading, I have been amazed at what God has done. It has been far more than I could have dreamed. I…

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Equipping to Serve: Through Education

By Robert J. Wafula I became a committed Christian and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior at age 10. My parents recognized and respected this spiritual change in my life and allowed me to go to Sunday school. I remember I became curious as to why we closed our eyes whenever we prayed. I asked my father, “Papa, why…

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Equipping to Serve: Through the Work of a Missionary

Editorial note: The following article is a transcript of an interview with an FTC graduate who is a teacher and a missionary in Congo. His is one of many stories of people who are equipped and energized by the ministry of Friends United Meeting to equip others to know Jesus Christ. “I’m Henry Sabatia from Vokoli Yearly Meeting in Kenya….

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Which is your book?

Take the #wafulachallenge!

                      Praise God — we’re almost there! It’s been just 10 days since the 21 Day Wafula Challenge was announced, and we’re already at the 90% mark — what an answer to prayer!! Only $600 more in monthly commitments to raise before we can buy the plane ticket. There are…

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I Want To Learn Peace

By Peter Serete On November 12, 2013, very early in the morning, the temperature in Kakuma refugee camp in the desert of northern Kenya was already at 92°F, and the wind was blowing from the east at 18 miles per hour. It was very dusty and hot! I was riding on the back of a motorbike from the Friends Church…

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Friends Theological College Appoints New Principal

The Friends Theological College Board of Governors, together with Friends United Meeting, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Robert J. Wafula to serve as Principal of Friends Theological College in Kaimosi, Kenya, beginning in mid-2014. He will be replacing Dr. Ann Riggs, who has served as principal for the last five years. Wafula is a Friends pastor, a…

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Africa Ministries Field Officer Job Description

Friends United Meeting JOB DESCRIPTION revised April 2014 Job Title: Field Officer—Africa Ministries Office Department: Global Ministries Employment Status: Full time/non-exempt Qualifications: o Passionate understanding for and practical experience in holistic mission work o Cultural competence and humility, with previous cross-cultural experience preferred o Willingness and ability to relocate to Kisumu Kenya and to travel extensively throughout East Africa o…

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FUM Announces Africa Ministries Field Officer Position

Position Announcement Friends United Meeting Field Officer—Africa Ministries Office Friends United Meeting (FUM) is reopening the search for qualified applicants from North America to serve as Field Officer in the Africa Ministries Office. This full-time, Kisumu, Kenya-based staff person will receive a competitive salary, including benefits. A successful applicant for this position will possess: o Passionate understanding for and practical…

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