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Friends in East Africa

In just a few generations, the Friends community in East Africa has been transformed from a mission project of American and British Quakers into a network of more than a dozen yearly meetings in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and beyond.

Today, East African Quakers represent a solid majority of the Religious Society of Friends worldwide, and they continue to grow in numbers, experience and self-reliance. Friends in East Africa are now completing the missionary cycle, sending their own gospel workers to share the good news of Jesus Christ in other regions of the Africa continent.

East Africa is home to a wide variety of Friends projects. Some of these were founded many decades ago by earlier waves of North American and British missionaries. Many others have been established more recently through the autonomous efforts of Friends in East Africa. All of these mission sites represent the ongoing work of Friends United Meeting in Africa.

FUM Announces Africa Ministries Field Officer Position

Position Announcement Friends United Meeting Field Officer—Africa Ministries Office Friends United Meeting (FUM) is reopening the search for qualified applicants from North America to serve as Field Officer in the Africa Ministries Office. This full-time, Kisumu, Kenya-based staff person will receive a competitive salary, including benefits. A successful applicant for this position will possess: o Passionate understanding for and practical…

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Summer Mission Project 2014

Goal: $20,000 When Eden Grace first visited Lokoyo Friends Primary School (Turkana, Kenya), there were no girls in Standard Eight (8th grade). Standard One (1st grade) was evenly split, but along the way, the girls drop out. They drop out because: • Parents can’t afford to send them. • Parents need them to work in the home. • Girls don’t…

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A New Direction for Friends Hospital Kaimosi

Eight years ago, Friends United Meeting entered into a temporary arrangement with East Africa Yearly Meeting to restore Friends Hospital Kaimosi from the brink of collapse. The hospital’s situation was dire, and Friends around the world answered the call with an outpouring of prayer, volunteer time and financial resources. Under FUM’s leadership, the hospital has become financially stable with a…

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Zadock Malesi

Kenya Education: FUM General Board Report 2014

Introduction For the past one year, I have been working on my mandate in such a way that the effect is felt in the most core areas of our schools. To some extent, I can, with some justifiable pride, say that I and other stakeholders are succeeding. To further take this forward, I propose the following: 1. School improvement. The…

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Ann Riggs

Friends Theological College: FUM General Board Report 2014

The other day I was privileged to visit the archives of Five Years Meeting and Friends United Meeting at Earlham College. The roots of what is now Friends Theological College lie in a program of study originally for indigenous male elders of the East African meetings offered from 1931 and then, for women elders from 1933. Minute # 22 of…

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Friends Theological College Announces New Principal

The Friends Theological College Board of Governors, together with Friends United Meeting, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Robert J. Wafula to serve as Principal of Friends Theological College (Kaimosi, Kenya) beginning in mid-2014. Dr Wafula is an alumnus of Friends Theological College, St Paul’s United Theological College, Earlham School of Religion and Ohio University. He is a…

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FUM News in Brief – September/October 2013

UPDATE: Double Your Gift, Double the Impact Spring 2013 Matching Gift Opportunity FUM is thrilled to announce that through the faithful, generous response to the matching gift opportunity, the goal of $45,000 was exceeded. A total of $52,597.26 was received, allowing FUM to start the new fiscal year prepared to equip and energize the worldwide community it serves. Your continual…

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Friends Theological College Update – July/August 2013

By Ann Riggs We rejoice at the success of the first session of our revised, school-based (modular) Diploma in Theology curriculum. Students began the new curriculum in April at Kaimosi, but will continue their studies at home until the next session in August. The revised curriculum has a stronger emphasis on pastoral application of the skills and knowledge learned in…

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FUM Field Staff Updates – May/June 2013

Friends Theological College Update By Ann Riggs For quite a long time students have been able to study for pastoral ministry through their yearly meetings while living at home, but these programs have not awarded accreditation documents. Members of the Friends Theological College (FTC) Board of Governors have for some time been concerned that these local programs have been drawing…

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Eden Grace

Field Staff Reports: Eden Grace – March, 2013

I have had the honor of being involved in many projects that are in the realm of institutional development with our various partners such as Lugulu Hospital, Samburu Friends Mission and Turkana Friends Mission, yet much of my time and energy has been spent in the development of Kaimosi Hospital. It has been helpful for me to think of Friends…

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