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A New Direction for Friends Hospital Kaimosi

Eight years ago, Friends United Meeting entered into a temporary arrangement with East Africa Yearly Meeting to restore Friends Hospital Kaimosi from the brink of collapse. The hospital’s situation was dire, and Friends around the world answered the call with an outpouring of prayer, volunteer time and financial resources. Under FUM’s leadership, the hospital has become financially stable with a…

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Quaker Life - Mar/Apr 2012

Agatha Ganira, Providing Support for People Living with HIV/AIDS

By Seth Munson We met Agatha Ganira our first day volunteering at the Friends Hospital Kaimosi in Western Province, Kenya. Agatha’s friendly eyes and warm greeting put Emily and me at ease after we had spent two very long days in planes and airports on our way to East Africa from Colorado. As we stood with Agatha in front of…

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Kaimosi Hospital

Kaimosi Mission Hospital

Friends United Meeting founded its mission in Kaimosi (Tiriki, Western Kenya) in 1902, and began offering medical services in 1903. By 1965 patients came from all over Eastern and Central Africa for treatment at Kaimosi Hospital.  From 1987-94, a Commission of the Government of Kenya operated the hospital, during which time resources were siphoned-off, leaving the hospital in a devastated…

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FUM Monthly Budget Goals

Adopt-a-Nurse — $2,000 Africa Ministries Office — $3,125 Eden Grace (includes all ministry expenses) — $9,381 Samburu Friends Mission — $2,000 Turkana Friends Mission — $2,000


December FUM Ministry of the Month – Kaimosi Hospital

When Friends United Meeting agreed to take over the management responsibility of Kaimosi Hospital in 2006, we knew it was a step in faith. Even though the hospital had been held in high esteem in its earlier history, the prior two decades had been rough and the hospital was on the verge of closing. East Africa Yearly Meeting turned to FUM for help. After all, the hospital…

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