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Urgent Update & Prayer Request from Kenya Quakers

11/4/2014 BREAKING: African Quakers face threat of violence as S. Sudanese war spills into Kenya refugee camp Kakuma Refugee Camp, in the remote desert region of Turkana in northwestern Kenya, is over-crowded and under-serviced. Nearly 200,000 people are essentially imprisoned in the camp, without the freedom to leave and seek work or education in Kenya. Even at the best of…

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Turkana Friends Mission Update: August 2014

Turkana Friends Mission (TFM) was founded in the northwest corner of Kenya in order to create Christian communities for outreach, discipleship, education, peace, integrity and sustainability. Our mission’s goal is to reach, equip and energize these communities spiritually, mentally and physically. Three new churches have been established in the last few months, in the villages of Lolim, Naringelup and Kaituko….

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Video: Learn About the Education for Esther Project!

“My name is Eden, and I’d like you to meet some Kenyan girls who want to go school. They come from the Samburu and Turkana communities, where girls don’t have much of a chance to attend high school.” “There’s a lot of poverty in these parts of Kenya; most families can’t afford to pay for their children to go to…

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Summer Mission Project 2014

Goal: $20,000 When Eden Grace first visited Lokoyo Friends Primary School (Turkana, Kenya), there were no girls in Standard Eight (8th grade). Standard One (1st grade) was evenly split, but along the way, the girls drop out. They drop out because: • Parents can’t afford to send them. • Parents need them to work in the home. • Girls don’t…

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Summer Mission Project 2013

  Dear Friends, As you may know, Friends around the world joined together to pray for peaceful elections in Kenya. Those prayers, alongside the faithful presence and witness of Friends in the country, helped minimize violence and promoted peace and reconciliation in many places. As a result, hopeful signs of change are emerging. Can continual peacemaking efforts strengthen and expand…

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Quaker Life - Mar/Apr 2012

Friends Theological College Responds to Humanitarian Crisis

By Oscar Lugusa Malande, FTC Bachelor of Theology student Studying at Friends Theological College prepares one to serve in different areas of ministry. One core area of ministry is missions and evangelism. There are specific courses in missions and evangelism, but the concerns of missions and evangelism are also integrated with other areas of study, like pastoral care and counseling,…

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Turkana Friends Mission

Turkana Friends Missionwas started in 1970 by Ersal and Dorothy Kindel and two students from Friends Theological College. Turkana, located in the northern part of Kenya, is a region familiar with hot temperatures, harsh winds, frequent droughts and limited resources for development. John Moru is pastor at Turkana Friends Mission.   Achievements of the Mission in 2009: Members were mobilized…

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FUM Monthly Budget Goals

Adopt-a-Nurse — $2,000 Africa Ministries Office — $3,125 Eden Grace (includes all ministry expenses) — $9,381 Samburu Friends Mission — $2,000 Turkana Friends Mission — $2,000