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We’ve Got to Get Back to the Garden

By Katherine Murray Lately I have been thinking a lot about right and wrong, good and bad. About the ways we experience events in our lives and quickly judge them to be one or the other. I wonder whether we are shaping our experiences — for better or for worse — when we name them this way. And, if we…

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a visit from the dentist

FUM News in Brief – January/February 2015

Out of the Forest to Peace By Getry Agizah, Coordinator, Friends Church Peace Teams Mt. Elgon has experienced many conflicts since Kenyan independence. These conflicts are based on tribe, land and politics. The worst violence that took place was between the years 2006-2008 and began because of a land dispute at a settlement called Chepyuk. This happened because the scheme…

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the stranger walking with us

The Stranger Walking With Us

Then they told what had happened on the road, and how he had been made known to them in the breaking of the bread. — Luke 24:35 NRSV By Rita Willett Five years ago at a retreat center in North Carolina, I heard the story of the walk to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35) as if for the first time. My fellow…

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listening and learning at FUM triennial

Listening and Learning at FUM Triennial

By David Herendeen My decision to attend the FUM Triennial this year arose from a desire to act on a long-held concern that New York Yearly Meeting Friends remain engaged and connected with FUM. Coming to terms with my reservations (and fears), I felt I was ready now to follow through on my concern. I am thankful for the generous…

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Quaker Life January/February 2015

Meanderings and Musings – January/February 2015

By Annie Glen Communications Editor I remember a time when meeting for worship did not energize my soul. Throughout the silence I would strain to hear the voice of God, but invariably just at the moment when I felt I was finally settled, someone would stand up and give a message from the silence. Many times, during that fallow period…

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Quaker Life – November/December 2014

Leading a Scattered People All organizations go through seasons. During the spring there is a sense of renewal and vibrant growth occurs. Spring turns to summer and more and more activities progress. As pastor of Dublin Friends Meeting in Dublin, Indiana, I have noticed that the meeting is in the season of late autumn. They are prepared for winter, yet…

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Ask Tom: Have Quaker ideas of what it means to be a leader changed over the years?

By Tom Hamm Professor of History; Archivist/Curator, Friends Collection Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana The first generation of Friends had no doubt that they had leaders. Historians argue about whether George Fox was THE leader of early Quakerism; some assert that he came to be perceived as “first among Friends” because he outlived almost all of his contemporaries and was able…

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Passages: Quaker Obituaries – November/December 2014

ANDREW Wilma George Andrew, 98, of Snow Camp, North Carolina, died August 16, 2014. Mrs. Andrew was born August 6, 1916, in Westfield, North Carolina; the daughter of Edgar and Emma (Simmons) George. Mrs. Andrew was a native of Westfield, North Carolina. Wilma was a homemaker, a member of South Fork Friends Meeting, where she was in the Genevieve Lindley…

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Finding my Joy in the City

By Hannah Williams When we think of missions, it is easy to focus on ministry in foreign fields. Many tend to neglect the need for missions right here in our own country and the needs that are literally right down the street or right next door. When Jesus commanded his disciples to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and care…

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Private Quaker, Public Quaker – Part I

By Norval D. Reece Quaker Lecture Western Yearly Meeting July 17, 2014 The theme for these sessions, stewardship, is something with which I have often wrestled. What does stewardship mean? What does it involve? What should we be doing to be good stewards? Like many, I have traditionally thought of stewardship in terms of giving – money, time, talents and…

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