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Quaker Life - March/April 2015

Renaissance House: A Ministry of Restoration

By Micah Bales I remember the first time I met John Fitch. I knocked on the front door. When no one answered, I let myself in. I could hear the banging and clattering of tools and knew someone was home. I entered the house tentatively. It was dark and house smelled funny, an odd mix of seasoned wood and musky…

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Don't Listen to Smokey. Start a Forest Fire!

Don’t Listen to Smokey. Start a Forest Fire!

by Micah Bales Scripture: I came to bring fire to the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled! ~ Luke 12:49 Sometimes the flames burn high, hot and fast. There are days like Pentecost when tongues of fire descend and touch each one of us on the head; days when the Spirit of God blazes; days when the…

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Feeling Tired? Here's How to Rest

Feeling Tired? Here’s How to Rest

You push yourself to the limit. Anything you can do, why wouldn’t you want to do more of it? Whether it’s a project for work or the next family gathering, you max it out. More effort, more excitement, bigger numbers, epic proportions. Even vacation is an opportunity to maximize, pulling out all the stops to experience and do as much as…

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Girl Pledging Allegiance to the Flag

Should Christians Say the Pledge of Allegiance?

Do you remember saying the Pledge of Allegiance as a kid? When I was growing up, the Pledge was a standard part of every public school classroom. Each morning during announcements, we would be asked to stand and, turning to the American flag that hung at the front of the class, every student and teacher would place hand over heart…

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Is Jesus a Get-Out-Of-Hell-Free Card?

Based on what you see in a lot of churches today, it would be easy to assume that the ministry of Jesus had mostly to do with teaching people 1 weird trick to avoid damnation. The Jesus we are most often presented with is a walking, talking get out of hell free card. Popular Evangelical theology tells us that we will be justified – that is,…

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Quaker Life January/February 2015

Let There Be Light!

By Micah Bales Web & Communications Specialist We live in an age of isolation. Even sitting together in the same room, we live in private worlds. We stare at our personal screens, separated by our own hobbies, interests and ambitions. When we do connect, it’s often through shared consumption. We find shallow unity in products, images and ideologies: the spectacle….

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Spreading the Word – July/August 2014

By Micah Bales, Web & Communications Specialist There are millions of people who would love to do something daring: Live an adventure, take risks, see the world with new eyes. Each one of us, in our own way, wants to experience a life of vivid purposefulness, to live in the eternal now. We yearn for the joy that comes with…

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Spreading the Word – March/April 2014

By Micah Bales, Communications & Web Specialist One of the key teachings of the Quaker movement is that every Christian is called to ministry. It’s not just pastors, yearly meeting officials or employees of non-profits. Each and every one of us is called to a form of ministry, according to the gifts that God has given us. Whether we are…

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Spreading the Word – January/February 2014

By Micah Bales – Web & Communications Specialist The friends of Jesus must have been in shock: He died in misery and shame, yet Jesus was back again — alive and present in an entirely new way. Not only had he returned, but he was actively guiding them. Jesus had come back to be their teacher, friend and leader. One…

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Spreading the Word – November/December 2013

By Micah Bales, Web & Communications Specialist I have always found flying to be a centering experience. As I settle into my seat on the airplane and hear the instructions from the flight crew, I am forced to accept that while traveling on this plane, I am not in control. My life depends on the skills and professionalism of the…

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