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How to find a local Friends worship group

We are working to provide a comprehensive search engine for Friends worship groups in the United States. In the meantime, here are some of the best links for locating a Friends worship opportunity near you. Many Yearly Meeting websites have contact information for their Meetings. Here are links to our FUM member yearly meetings. There are also comprehensive lists of all the…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Friends

1. What is Quaker worship?  2. What do Friends believe? 3. What is Friends United Meeting? 4. Are there other groups of Friends? 5. Are the “Quakers” different from the “Friends”? 6. What are the “Quaker testimonies”?  7. Do Friends practice the sacraments?  8. Do Friends have pastors? 9. What’s with the guy on the oats box? Do Quakers really dress like that? Are Friends like the Amish? 10. How do…

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