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Amazing Grace – March/April 2014

By Eden Grace – Global Ministries Director My friend Bill Kreidler used to say that being a member of a local meeting is “lab practice” for the Kingdom of God. We practice our eternal salvation in our meetings. We are given a blessed opportunity to sit in worship with the very people whom we find most irritating. We are given…

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Queries for Missional Communities

The Local Meeting/Church as a Missional Community: Some Queries to Consider and Act Upon By Colin Saxton Who are we called to be? • What is the mission (purpose or reason for existing) as a faith community? • What values (common commitments by which we will live, work, play together) will shape and guide our life together? • What is…

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Out of My Mind – March/April 2014

By Colin Saxton – General Secretary “Organized religion” continues to take a beating in the polls — at least in the kind of popular surveys taken in the United States. Americans like to constantly monitor their temperature on nearly every matter. Once again, the polls reveal that people are spiritual… just not religious. I am not debating the veracity of…

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Spreading the Word – March/April 2014

By Micah Bales, Communications & Web Specialist One of the key teachings of the Quaker movement is that every Christian is called to ministry. It’s not just pastors, yearly meeting officials or employees of non-profits. Each and every one of us is called to a form of ministry, according to the gifts that God has given us. Whether we are…

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Gathered in Community: Growing in Ministry

By Dorlan Bales The 2014 January-February Quaker Life scripture study focused on Jesus’ own calling, his choice of an inner circle of disciples and his definition of discipleship. The study continued to highlight the response of the first Quakers to the living Christ’s call and the allegiance followers have to Jesus today. The heart’s response to the Spirit’s call is…

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Friends Theological College Appoints New Principal

The Friends Theological College Board of Governors, together with Friends United Meeting, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Robert J. Wafula to serve as Principal of Friends Theological College in Kaimosi, Kenya, beginning in mid-2014. He will be replacing Dr. Ann Riggs, who has served as principal for the last five years. Wafula is a Friends pastor, a…

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Belize Friends School Update – March 2014

Dear Friends, February has been a month of preparation. Our students have been preparing for the Primary School Examination by studying past examinations. Utilizing questions previously used helps students understand how the questions are written and helps them to be more comfortable in answering them. We have also been preparing for the visitation of two work teams who will arrive…

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A New Direction for Friends Hospital Kaimosi

Eight years ago, Friends United Meeting entered into a temporary arrangement with East Africa Yearly Meeting to restore Friends Hospital Kaimosi from the brink of collapse. The hospital’s situation was dire, and Friends around the world answered the call with an outpouring of prayer, volunteer time and financial resources. Under FUM’s leadership, the hospital has become financially stable with a…

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Zadock Malesi

Kenya Education: FUM General Board Report 2014

Introduction For the past one year, I have been working on my mandate in such a way that the effect is felt in the most core areas of our schools. To some extent, I can, with some justifiable pride, say that I and other stakeholders are succeeding. To further take this forward, I propose the following: 1. School improvement. The…

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Ann Riggs

Friends Theological College: FUM General Board Report 2014

The other day I was privileged to visit the archives of Five Years Meeting and Friends United Meeting at Earlham College. The roots of what is now Friends Theological College lie in a program of study originally for indigenous male elders of the East African meetings offered from 1931 and then, for women elders from 1933. Minute # 22 of…

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