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The Importance of Discipleship in the Quaker Church Today

By John Muhanji The Quaker church in Africa was established through the discipleship of missionaries, and therefore the nature of the church in Kenya has always been missional. This means that we (the church) are to be disciple-makers. When I was growing up, I admired and respected many church ministers and other leaders for their lives of integrity and respect….

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John Muhanji Update – March/April

The last year has been challenging and encouraging. Africa Ministries has seen yearly meetings come together in cooperative ministry, and there has been an increased unity of purpose among Friends in Africa. We witnessed the combined conferences of Quaker Men and the United Society of Friendly Women (USFW) Kenya prayer meetings. The strong collaboration between FUM and Friends Church Kenya…

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FUM Field Staff Updates – January/February 2013

A Small Loaf Feeding a Multitude By Eden Grace, FUM Africa Ministries Field Staff I wanted to share a story of one woman who visited Nakiria Primary School in Turkana and heard stories of the hardship Turkanan women and girls have as they fetch and carry water to their village. She remembered her own childhood in rural Kansas, where her…

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Staff Reports: John Muhanji – November 2012

Updates from John Muhanji What gave you energy? I was energized when we took the seven young people from Mt. Elgon to Uganda for discipleship training in Kampala. I saw myself full of energy because I could see the church growing through this program. I, myself, was energized because I knew after the training, FUM shall be able to reach…

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Staff Reports: John Muhanji

Updates from John Muhanji What made you laugh? The month of July was one of the most fulfilling. We visited the highest part of Mt. Elgon called Kaboywa where we have a Quaker church and a school close to the forest with people who have never been visited. When the children in class saw our vehicle crossing the school field…

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FUM Africa Ministries

By John Muhanji – FUM Africa Ministries Representative, Kisumu, Kenya The month of July was one of the most fulfilling times in my ministry. We visited the highest part of Mt. Elgon, called Kaboywa, where there is a Quaker church and a school, built in 1952 by Quaker missionaries. The children, who were in class, saw the vehicle we were…

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May 2012 FUM Ministry of the Month — Africa Ministries Office

In 2004, Eden Grace, her husband, James,  and their two boys, Isaiah and Jesse, arrived in  Kenya to join with John Muhanji, a Kenyan  Friend, in establishing the Africa Ministries  Office of Friends United Meeting. Later Judith  Ngoya was hired to make up this staff of three. Since the opening of the office in 2005, there  has been a great…

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Lindi Friends School

Hope in the Ghetto

Hope in the Ghetto By John Muhanji, FUM Africa Ministries Director  Is there hope for anyone who lives in Kibera? If no hope is evident, why do people end up staying in such a hopeless place when they know the consequences? Why do we have an alarming increase of people living in the Kibera slums rather than a decrease? What…

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FUM Friends Celebrate the Holidays

Forty people attended the annual family “carve-in” at First Friends Church of Whittier, California, in October, transforming pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, enjoying homemade goodies, entertaining one another with improvised dramas and building a 300-piece jigsaw puzzle. Sam and Becky Barber treated students at the Belize Friends School to a Thanksgiving dinner. They were joined by a work team from Iowa who painted the…

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