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Donate to Friends United Meeting From Western Province in Kenya to the West Coast of the United States, the scope and cultural diversity of Friends United Meeting is astounding. Yet, the largest fellowship of Quakers on the planet operates on a shoestring. FUM has less than one staff person for every ten thousand members! We can see that God has…

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Silent Night, 1914

By Charles David Kleymeyer, PhD Christmas Eve 2014 will mark the 100th anniversary of a remarkable event in the history of war and peace. Across two-thirds of the British-German front, and along the French and Belgian fronts as well, as the early months of that terrible and ironic “War to End All Wars” drew to a close, soldiers and officers…

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Hope Springs Eternal

By Liz Wine It seems that the books I have recently read have a bit of sadness to them. The stories do not include the illusion of “riding off in to the sunset” or “living happily ever after.” Yet, reading is one activity where I find solace. Bittersweet stories always provide me with a sense of hope. As I read…

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Field Staff Reports: Ann Riggs

I was in the US when the new school year began and the first few days of the new residential year began. I was blessed by the terrific team work of the staff in moving everything forward in a well-coordinated way without my presence. I was particularly blessed by the way the management team of deputy principal/dean of students, registrar and chief finance officer work…

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What makes you feel welcome when you visit a meeting for the first time?

Finding the place easily Going with a member/attender Seeing where to enter Seeing the phrase, “You are welcome here” Someone who’s there to greet you when you arrive Knowing what to do with your children Knowing where the restrooms are A leaflet or personal explanation about what to expect Meeting space that is light, warm and pleasant Seating that is…

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