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Chain of Prayer 2014

Dear Fellow Co-Ministers of Friends United Meeting,

Isn’t it exciting to know the hope and expectation we all have in our common ministry within FUM? We all have the hope that new beginnings and exciting opportunities will emerge in 2014. We all share high expectations for an engaging and enriching Triennial session in June. More importantly, there is a renewed enthusiasm for the work we all are doing both locally and globally.

As ministers in a common work, it is our custom to offer prayers of gratitude expressing our appreciation for answered prayers. Then, we usually list our concerns and ask for Divine intervention and care. Those prayers are wonderful, but what if we prayed a prayer of confident gratitude for the things we anticipate receiving?

Can you imagine prayers that confidently expresses the knowledge that God has whatever is needed under control? Imagine the strength of the prayer that delineates faith we have in the provision of God. Imagine confidently standing together saying, “We believe you provide what is necessary and we thank you for it now.” Imagine how life might be different with this type of faithful expectancy.
What if we, as the community of Friends United Meeting, prayed prayers of confidence such as the following?

“Thank you for fully funding field staff accounts by June 2014.”

“Thank you for bringing about positive change and a renewed enthusiasm for the ministries of FUM Friends around the globe.”

Can you imagine how this form of expectant prayer would change the way we viewed the work and ministry of FUM?

Let us, therefore, challenge ourselves in 2014 to pray prayers of gratitude for the blessings that God has yet to bestow on each of us. Let us pray expecting that the desires of our heart have already been granted. Let us pray knowing that God does provide for the needs of our communities, our friends and our families. Let us set our heart to pray prayers of faith, prayers of gratitude and prayers of confidence.

Please download this registration form to register your meeting in our ministry’s Chain of Prayer. Fill it out and send it back to the Richmond office by December 1. Your meeting, then, will be a link that comprises a continual chain of grateful prayers beginning on January 1 and culminating in the FUM Triennial on June 11-14, 2014.

After you send the registration form in to the Richmond office, your meeting will receive a packet of information designed to assist in the organization of your chosen day of prayer. For additional ideas about how you can be praying, please view our daily prayer guide.

Prayer is an essential component to our faith, linking us together with each other and with God. This year the FUM community is anticipating with gratitude the many incidents of God’s presence and blessings emerging through our ministers and ministries. Let us join together with grateful expectation as we affirm all that God is doing through us and with us.