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Computer Department at Friends Theological College, Kaimosi

By Oscar Lugusa and Esau Ewalan, FTC students

We appreciate the gift of computers donated by USFW Cedar Square and Hopewell Friends, North Carolina. This has introduced us to the brighter part of the world. We can now access more quickly information for studying and communicating. We are very much enjoying word-processing software which automatically corrects spellings and grammar mistakes, copying and pasting features instead of rewriting the entire contents of a document, printing out documents and making several copies as it is easier to read word-processed documents than a handwritten one.

We now browse information on the Internet. Through e-mails we can communicate with people who are far away. Computers also provide software that enables us to chat with other people. Audio/video composition and editing have been made much easier by computers. With desktop publishing, we can create page layouts for an entire book.

A student in the Diploma in Theology program said: “Learning to use a computer is interesting and enjoyable; I’m able to communicate through e-mail, access the Internet, download notes from my flash drive and so many other good things.”

Many pastors are taking computer lessons and many more are waiting for the next class. Pastors are interested in knowing how to open e-mail accounts, do research online, type and edit their work. We believe computers will spearhead our pastors’ quest of eradicating social problems such as illiteracy and poverty.

It is difficult to imagine a college without computers. This revolutionary technology is indeed a boon to the Friends Theological College family. We appreciate the gift of computers. May God continue blessing our donors.


    thanks to usfw, atleat our theologians can interact with the rest of the world. now ftc students can you go a mile and embrace technology in dissemination of the Word of God. merry christmas.