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FUM Daily Prayer Guide

God has great gospel work for Friends to do in the world. Through prayer, we grow as individuals and communities in faithfulness to God’s call. FUM invites Friends everywhere to join in daily prayer for all of its global and local ministries. As Friends open themselves in prayer, may we join with a common mind and full expectation that God will use the ministries of FUM in unexpected ways. Come, Holy Spirit, inspire your people in ministry!

1. General Board

Begin each month with prayer for the core leadership of Friends United Meeting — the General Board. Pray that each individual who has been appointed by their yearly meeting or association to this important work will be attentive to the Spirit’s movement. We pray that God will bind the board together across continents through one shared vision for FUM.

2. General Secretary

Pray today for Colin Saxton, General Secretary of FUM, that he would be filled with wisdom in carrying out his leadership responsibilities. Pray that through his ministry all Friends everywhere would feel a personal connection with FUM.

3. Member Yearly Meetings

Across four continents, 32 yearly meetings and associations along with several independent meetings are bound together in common purposee through FUM. Pray that the fellowship among the members will deepen as they join in shared witness and service in the world.

4. Evangelism and Church Planting

Pray for new communities of believers emerging in Southern Tanzania, South Sudan, Northern Kenya and the United States. Pray that many will hear the good news afresh through these efforts. Pray that good plans will be formed for a Friends Church in Belize and that God will reveal the right leadership for that work.

5. Africa Ministries Office Staff

We pray today for the staff of the Africa Ministries Office and for John Muhanji, the Director. Pray that their work of nurturing the fellowship of Friends in East Africa would bear much fruit. Pray for safety for John as he travels extensively in ministry.

6. Friends Theological College

Friends Theological College trains pastors and other leaders for the Friends Churches in Africa. Pray that the community of faculty, staff and students would be united in rigorous academic inquiry and deep spiritual formation. We pray that African Friends would experience renewal and growth through the ministry of the college.

7. Quaker Life

Pray that the Quaker Life publication would speak to the condition of Friends by lifting up voices and perspectives from throughout FUM and that there would be dramatic growth in the number of Friends engaging through this communications ministry.

8. The Barber Family

Pray for Sam and Becky Barber as they and five of their children minister in Belize. Pray for the two eldest children who are away at college in the U.S. Pray for the Barber family’s health and safety, for their public witness as a Christian family and for all those they meet as they live and work within their Belizean community.

9. FUM Web-site and Social Media

Around the world, more and more people are looking for spiritual guidance and religious information through the internet and social media. Pray that Friends would make a credible witness to the gospel in these new contexts and that our electronic communications would effectively serve the mission of energizing and equipping Friends.

10. Turkana Friends Mission

Praise God for the amazing growth of Quakerism among the Turkana people in northwest Kenya. Pray for all the pastors and evangelists in that desert community. Pray for the nursery schools, primary schools, water projects and women’s groups who bring the Good News to life in Turkana.

11. Richmond-based Staff

Pray today for the FUM staff in the Richmond, Indiana office, as they carry out the vital adminsitrative and organizational functions that enable the ministries of Friends to thrive. Pray that they would feel encouraged today and that there would be strong financial support throughout the year to facilitate their work.

12. Short-term Cross Cultural Missions

On this day, pray for all those who engage in short-term cross-cultural mission work, either as volunteers with one of FUM’s project partners or as members of an FUM work team. Pray that their lives will be changed by their experience and that they will be effective witnesses with everyone they meet.

13. Education Ministry in Kenya

Pray for Zadock Malesi, the Kenyan Quaker Education Secretary, as he seeks to strengthen Quaker values in education in the nearly 2,000 Friends schools in Kenya. Pray that the huge numbers of students, parents and staff who are touched by these schools will feel the presence of Jesus Christ in their educational setting. Pray that the voice of Friends in the government educational sector will be strong and united.

14. Joyce Ajlouny

Pray for Joyce Ajlouny, Director of the Ramallah Friends Schools, as she provides leadership for these two large high-quality schools for Palestinian students. Pray that she will be guided in wisdom in managing all aspects of the operations. Pray that she will be increasingly empowered to do major fundraising and networking. Additionally, pray for her family as they are currently splitting their lives between Ramallah and the U.S.

15. Friends United Press

Praise God for the book publishing ministry of Friends United Meeting and that so many important theological, spiritual and historical works have been made available to Friends. Pray that Friends will continue to see book publishing as an important ministry, authors will continue to submit manuscripts and the editorial staff will be encouraged in their work.

16. Friends Lugulu Mission Hospital

Today we pray for Friends Lugulu Mission Hospital as it has been providing health care for more than 100 years ago under the mission, “We treat, Jesus heals.” Praise God for the dedicated and compassionate staff who minister to body and spirit. Pray for stability in the senior management and for sustainable funding during times of transition in the Kenyan health care sector.

17. Amari Play Center

Pray for Amari Play Center, a ministry of Palestinian Friends among the refugee community. Thank God for the opportunity this center provides for traumatized children to come to a safe and healing space, to play and learn together, to receive nutritious meals and to claim a positive vision for their future. Pray for the staff of the center that they would be empowered spiritually to pour Christ’s love into the lives of these children.

18. Lindi Friends School

Thank God for the ministry of Lindi Friends School that provides a Quaker primary school education in the midst of Kibera slum, one of the worst places in Africa to live. Pray for the teachers who work with few resources and little pay. Pray for the children and parents who are resisting the spirit of hopelessness that pervades the slum. Praise God for the recent building project that has allowed the school to expand and serve more students.

19. Ann Riggs

Pray for Ann Riggs as she completes her term of service as principal of Friends Theological College and transitions back to life in the US. Pray that her tremendous contributions to the college — particularly in building Kenyan leadership, in strengthening academic standards and in launching income-generating projects for financial sustainability — will continue and thrive after the transition to the next principal.

20. Belize Friends School

Teenagers from the gang-ridden city who have failed in public schools come to Belize Friends School for a second chance. Pray that their teachers, Ms Candi, Sam Barber and Becky Barber, can speak hope into their lives. Pray that through Jesus Christ these young people can claim a positive future for themselves and their families.

21. Lon Fendall

Lon Fendall serves as an educational consultant at Friends Theological College, helping especially with the accreditation process and with faculty development. Pray that his work will continue to be fruitful and that his frequent travels will be graced with safety.

22. Friends Hospital Kaimosi

As FUM prepares to hand over Kaimosi Hospital to the National Council of Churches of Kenya, give thanks for the accomplishments of these eight years of FUM management. Pray that God will guide the hospital in the future and that the local community will continue to know the healing hand of Jesus through the ministries of the hospital.

23. Samburu Friends Mission

Give thanks for new leadership in Samburu Mission, a new Board composed primarily of Samburu believers and a new relationship with East Africa Yearly Meeting North. Pray that the current spiritual excitement and rapid growth will lead to deep and lasting fruits.

24. North American Ministries

Pray for divine guidance and anointed leadership for the mission work of FUM in North America, that Friends would be gathered, energized and equipped to make a significant impact in their communities.

25. Caribbean Friends

Pray for FUM’s two member yearly meetings in the Caribbean, Jamaica and Cuba, that their ministries of outreach and church growth will continue to bear fruit. Give thanks for the ways that North American Friends are walking alongside Caribbean Quakers in inter-visitation and shared projects. Pray for the continued success of Jamaica Yearly Meeting’s leadership development program and of Cuba Yearly Meeting’s Peace Institute.

26. Leadership Development in East Africa

Pray for Judith Ngoya as she coordinates FUM’s program of leadership development in East Africa that energizes and equips leaders for service in the church. Pray that all participants would be inspired to deeper and more effective Christian leadership through these workshops.

27. Girl-child Education

Girls in Turkana and Samburu traditionally drop out of school and get married at the age of puberty. By providing scholarships for secondary school, Friends are giving these girls the chance to delay marriage and continue their education. Pray that each girl will know that God has a special plan for her life and will feel encouraged to dream for a future in Jesus.

28. Friends Church Peace Team

Friends in Kenya have made a remarkable impact on their country as they have carried out grass-roots peace work since the post-election violence of 2007-08. Pray that the Prince of Peace would continue to be glorified in this important work and that Friends would continue to transform Kenya into a place of peace, justice and hope.

29. Ramallah Friends Schools

In the context of military occupation, Palestinian children are receiving a Quaker education of the highest academic standard. Praise God that Friends have been active in this ministry for nearly 150 years. Pray that the future of Quaker education in Palestine will continue to be strong. Pray for the staff and students of the schools that they would experience peace and healing from the troubles of their context and would embrace a positive future for themselves and their community.

30. Water and Sanitation

In a world in which dirty water kills more people than war, praise God that Friends have been led to work in the area of water and sanitation. Pray that FUM’s partnership with Friendly Water for the World will continue to grow and that an ever-increasing number of biosand water filters will be distributed to people who need them. Pray for Jesus who is the Living Water to be glorified in all the water ministries of Friends.

31. Your home meeting

On months that have a 31st day, pray for the incarnational mission work of your home meeting in its local context. Pray that an authentic witness of transformational faith will shine forth to all who hunger and thirst for righteousness in your area.