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Support Dale Graves as Interim Director of Belize Friends Mission

UPDATE: Dale has reached his fundraising goal!

Dale Graves has received full support through gifts and pledges for this coming year in Belize. Thank you to everyone who contributed so generously! For those still considering a contribution, Dale suggests giving to the to the Belize Friends School account. Darcel Murray has been hired to work alongside Candi Young, who will be half time principal and half time teacher.

When I took my first trip to Belize, I was part of a Friends United Meeting (FUM) short term work project. We were working at LaDemocracia, under the care of Mike and Kay Cain, making an addition to a garage. Since that time I have become more involved and am currently the FUM representative on the board of the Belize Friends School, a school that serves children who are unable to pass the entrance exam into high school. This has given me a chance to begin to make some Belizean friends and to begin — just begin, mind you — to understand some of the issues in the area where the school is located.

Read the full letter from Dale in PDF format

Recent conversations have centered on what other work God is calling us to do. Can Friends serve Belize in ways we have not yet thought of? What could an expanded Friends presence in Belize look like? Are there Belizeans who would welcome the Friends’ message of Christ as present teacher and guide? What can be done about poverty and gang violence on the South Side of Belize City? And a myriad of other questions that beg for answers.


  • To conduct an in-depth community needs assessment
  • To network with those already ministering in the community
  • To discover how Friends can make a unique contribution to what God is already doing in Belize City
  • To plan a program for a holistic Belize Friends Mission that addresses the unmet needs of the South Side neighborhood in Belize City

I am looking for 110 folks who will commit to $25 per month for one year. By folks, I mean individuals, Friends meetings, Sunday School classes, prayer groups, worship groups, youth groups or any other group who might make a commitment. Would you, or a group you are involved in, make such a commitment?

Dale Graves
Interim Director
Belize Friends Mission

Read a letter from Eden Grace, Director of Global Ministries, explaining the importance of this ministry.

Download a pledge form and bulletin insert to support Dale’s mission to Belize!