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December FUM Ministry of the Month – Kaimosi Hospital

When Friends United Meeting agreed to take over the management responsibility of Kaimosi Hospital in 2006, we knew it was a step in faith. Even though the hospital had been held in high esteem in its earlier history, the prior two decades had been rough and the hospital was on the verge of closing. East Africa Yearly Meeting turned to FUM for help. After all, the hospital is very much needed in this densely populated area of Kenya and is a great opportunity for Friendsto answer Jesus’ call to care for the “least of these” (Matthew 25) in His name. The General Board agreed to a subsidy of $50,000 a year for the hospital. They also appointed a Task Force to monitor progress and present regular reports. So far, you have succeeded in meeting this commitment, but the need is still great!

You may make donations to:

(1) the Hospital General Fund for medicines, utilities, etc.;

(2) Adopt-A-Nurse which helps pay salaries;

(3) Eden Grace who participates on the hospital management team and travels regularly to Kaimosi Hospital from the Africa Ministries Office.

We thank God for the many Friends who have responded with prayers and financial help since 2006, resulting in on-time payment of salaries and much needed
hospital repairs and equipment, and the faithfulness of some staff members who have continued working in the good times and those more challenging.

*Each month through December 2012, we will focus on a different ministry of Friends United Meeting. This “Ministry of the Month” corresponds with the FUM wall calendar that is available for $15 from
FUM Fund

Last year we sent you a yellow “FUM Fund” label to put on a jar so you could start collecting pennies, nickels, dimes, and dollars for the FUM General Fund. We hope you have enjoyed your year of collecting and that you can be excited about the total you have raised. We’d be delighted if you would include a written story about your fundraising efforts when you send your check to FUM. And please don’t throw your jar away—we’d love for you to continue to participate in an annual collection for FUM! If you haven’t been  cllecting for FUM, we hope that you will prayerfully consider supporting the General Fund with your best gift this holiday season. Good things are happening and we hope you will want to be involved in them!


Download the pdf for the December 2011 FOCUS