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Eden Grace Ministry Update – March/April

Colin Saxton, FUM’s general secretary, visited Kenya in late November and was able to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with my family and me. During that visit, he asked me to take on a special short-term assignment helping Friends Theological College reorganize its accounting system. With the dawn of the need to raise funds for scholarships and operating costs, the college has ventured in the last few years into the world of micro-enterprise and agro-business. In doing so, it has become increasingly clear that the financial systems needed to be updated.

The week between Christmas and New Year’s was spent in helping our son Isaiah write his applications for his next school. He’s completing his IGCSE (commonly called O-Level) in June 2013, and has decided that he would like to spend two more years in high school before proceeding to college. Therefore, he’s applying to a selection of boarding schools in the US and one international program. The 24/7 community life of a boarding school seems to be an exciting prospect for Isaiah. After eight years in a tiny school, the idea of having peers around him all the time is positively exhilarating! His parents, though, are not as excited, as they face the joyous and terrifying milestone of their first child leaving home. We are excited about this next stage of his life, yet it is poignant to be facing the “launch” of our firstborn.

  • Daniel Lihasi

    I want to extend my sincere appreciation to Eden Grace for the great job she is doing at FTC. In fact she has made me to learn something accounts and book keeping, she is the right person for someone to emulate I wish she could be given more time to work with me in that office I could be able to learn lot from her, but am deeply sorry she is leaving for another responsibility ahead of her. will I really get a competitive and a hard working person like Eden? May God bless her ministry and she plans to work in new responsibility. Thanks, Daniel FTC finance officer.