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Energized and Equipped

April 2014

Dear Friends,
Since I began work with FUM, I can’t tell you how many times I have heard some variation of the question, “Hey! Do you think Friends United Meeting can give us a hand with this?” Whether the “this” is leadership training, curriculum materials, support for struggling meetings/churches, improving communication and outreach or helping to facilitate service and visitation opportunities, the FUM General Board and staff want you to know the answer to this question is a resounding, “Yes! FUM is ready and willing to lend a hand!”

You might recall how Friends from every corner of FUM were asked, during the 2012 FUM Day of Discernment, to share their sense of how we can better help one another within our community. No matter which region of the world provided input, consistent themes emerged: FUM should energize and equip Friends on a local level and be a catalyst to connect us on a global level.

“Yes! FUM is ready and willing to lend a hand!”

• Energize Friends by deepening our experience of faith and intimacy with the Living Christ. Plans are underway to host a Call to Ministry Conference to help Friends discern their call to service and expand their options; nurture personal faith and vital communities through curriculum, small group materials, videos and web-based workshops.FUM is ready and willing to:

• Equip Friends by offering practical training, materials and experiences that develop healthy and effective leaders and skilled ministers of all kinds.

• Connect Friends through shared experiences, visitation and service opportunities and by improved story-telling of how God is moving among us by linking Friends through expanded web avenues and digital conferencing and much more.

At our best, FUM is a community of Friends working together, hand-in-hand. By sharing our expertise and passion with each other, reaching out to connect across our yearly meeting lines and continental divides, and by joining together in worship and service, FUM has a bright and powerful future.

FUM’s 30th Triennial Gathering occurs in June 2014. This Triennial signals a serious shift in FUM’s ministry. Over the last year, the FUM General Board and staff have been working on a new set of ministry priorities. By refocusing our current work and expanding into new arenas of ministry, we believe there is a great opportunity to strengthen the FUM community in ways that will spark greater faithfulness, growth, and unity among us.

Now, as much as ever, the FUM community needs your involvement and your support. As we prepare for this Triennial gathering and the new opportunities of ministry, I want to ask each of us to make a serious investment in FUM’s future.

• If you have never given to FUM—will you do so now?

• If you used to give to FUM in the past but have not done so for several years—will you reinvest in our future today?

• If you have been a long-time partner in FUM’s work—will you make a sacrificial and transformational gift at this point in our history—one that sends us heading in this new direction?

Your gift of $100, $1000 or $10,000 enables FUM to say “Yes” to help Friends in your community and all of the communities we serve around the world. Help make FUM a community that can and will lend a powerful and helping hand when asked. A gift from you today makes this future possible.

Whether the question is for help in equipping, energizing or connecting Friends, the answer is, “Yes! FUM is ready and willing to lend a hand!”

Colin Saxton
General Secretary