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February FUM Ministry of the Month — Friends Theological College

Friends Theological College in Kaimosi, Kenya, is increasing their practical ministry skills in mission and evangelism. Instead of just teaching the theories behind mission and  Evangelism, FTC wants its students to experience and apply the skills they are learning in order to be even more prepared for their work upon graduation.

Nick Obaga, a Bachelor of Theology student at FTC from Bware Yearly Meeting, desires to have a career in missions. He is currently working with FTC staff and the Turkana Friends Mission leaders to develop a program within the Kakuma Refugee Camp. This ten square mile camp in Turkana is filled with over 90,000 internationally displaced persons from Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, and Uganda.

This barren desert setting is home to 100+ degree temperatures, sandstorms, malnutrition, communicable diseases, malaria, and tremendous suffering and trauma. Kakuma means “nowhere” in Kiswahili and for the inhabitants of this camp, the name says it all. It is a refuge from the war and strife of a previous life, but a prison with its own trauma and anguish that offers no sign of hope.

The program Obaga is bringing to Kakuma balances mission and evangelism alongside practical skills and aid. It seeks to train the people to use and make briquettes to further their allotted food and fuel supply, to bring programs from the Alternatives to Violence Project and trauma healing workshops to the camp, and to preach the word of God in order to deepen the impact of Christ’s transforming and liberating life and message.

FTC is the only Quaker pastoral training program in Kenya. Students have a huge impact on their communities after graduation, but also between terms as they minister to those they come in contact with. We are truly blessed to have this institution developing the leadership of our future pastors in East Africa.

*Each month through December 2012, we will focus on a different ministry of Friends United Meeting. This “Ministry of the Month” corresponds with the FUM wall calendar
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2011 FUM Summer Mission Project Update
“Kids for Kids”

Last year we invited you to participate in our Summer Mission Project: “Kids for Kids.” We asked for $10,000 to buy, feed, and house goats so students at Friends Theological College could sell goats milk in order to earn money to pay for their tuition. You more than doubled our expectations! Donations poured in to over $20,000. With these donations, a pen was built to house the goats, two nationally registered female goats were purchased (Juliette and Mwikali), and a third (a male) is on its way.

After we began raising funds for this project, baby Alice came into our lives. When her mother died of AIDS soon after giving birth to Alice last spring, the tiny infant needed the extraordinary parenting skills of Uncle Philip and Aunt Gentren (staff members at FTC) and the goats’ milk your gifts and faithful encouragement provided.

Goats’ milk is rich in vitamins that are especially important for children, as well as people living with HIV/AIDS. FTC is located on the same compound as Kaimosi Hospital, which has a Comprehensive Care Center for people living with HIV/AIDS who will benefit from the availability of the milk.

Baby Alice, the staff, and students at FTC thank you for your generous donations to this project! Stay tuned as we will soon be announcing our Summer Mission Project for 2012!

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