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Field Staff Reports: Ann Riggs – February, 2013

As we approach the general Kenyan elections on 4 March 2013, the eight presidential candidates have presented goals for their hoped-for presidencies. Economic matters are high on their lists. One candidate has pledged to create a million new jobs a year. In a country with only 40 million people, a million new jobs each year would make a huge difference in the economic life of the country.

Late last year FTC students committed to the college’s board of governors to bring down their overdue fee balances. While we’ve been waiting to see a good performance on this promise, we have been firm in cutting back on such expenses as transportation and entertainment costs for intercollegiate sports.
While we are all disappointed when we must turn down invitations for friendly matches with other theological colleges, it has brought me joy to see that the sports department has created an exciting intra-mural volleyball activity. Theological college is a good place to learn to turn lemons into lemonade — certainly an essential pastoral skill.

During morning tea break on 31 January students and staff praised God for the 17 years of service of Josphat Lime as the finance officer of Friends Theological College, asked for blessings on his future ministry and prayed for health and strength for his family members challenged with illness. FUM Field Staff Rich and Sandy Davis, Stan and Karen Bauer, Patrick Nugent and Mary Kay Rehard as well as Ben and Jody Richmond were all greeted by Lime when they arrived at FTC for their term of service and Lime was there at the end of their term as they travelled back to the USA.
In the past several months we have been working to divide the enormous job that Josphat has been doing into two positions: one that focuses on the traditional concerns of a college finance office, like fee payments and the buildings and grounds of the college itself. The second focuses on the income-generating projects through which students learn important skills and by which an endowment of African-generated income is being built up.

The new holders of these positions, Daniel Esevwe Lihasi and Kennedy Shiverenje, each has a long-time association with the college. Lihasi received a Diploma in Theology from FTC in the 1990s and Shiverenje has worked his way up from the campus kitchen. Each has learned administrative and pastoral skills within Friends meetings as well as other work environments and is completing a bachelor’s degree at FTC.

Ann Riggs
Principal, Friends Theological College


  1. Stephanie Crumley-Effinger said:

    I love that as I read Ann’s words I could picture each person she named, and recall interactions with them. What a blessing it is to have been to FTC, and know from experience that (and those) of which/whom she speaks. May this new arrangement be a blessing to the school.

    I would like to send my greetings to Friends at FTC, especially to Ann, Kennedy, Daniel, and Josphat and his family, and to know what he is going on to do next.

    Thanks, and with many prayers for peaceful and fair elections –


  2. DR J.B.WANYONYI said:

    God’s presence in history of FTC we always remember the Great task performed every year at FTC.Going through the Bible ,i have discovered that throughout recorded history God has taken pains to let his people know of his presence among them.we love Dr ANN for the Great work at FTC God bless you .

  3. Lomuria John said:

    As we enter into this election, i wish to ask for prayers from FTC family that God sees us through. I also pray that Ann Riggs stay in kaimosi College be peaceful and Gods protection be upon you.

  4. jairus koki said:

    FTC has done a lot in developing personnel to work for the quaker church in kenya. pray for us during this electioneering period.

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