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Field Staff Reports: Eden Grace – January 2013

December is always a busy month, but this past December was even more so! Colin Saxton, FUM’s General Secretary, visited Kenya in late November and was able to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with my family and me. During that visit, he asked me to take on a special short-term assignment helping Friends Theological College reorganize its accounting system. With the dawn of the need to raise funds for scholarships and operating costs, the college has ventured in the last few years into the world of micro-enterprise and agro-business. In doing so, it has become increasingly clear that the financial systems needed to be updated.

As financial management is one of my favorite things to do, I could not wait to begin the process. In this case, the project was an intricate puzzle with many facets. Much like a difficult Sudoku puzzle from the Sunday newspaper, I found the project took time and extreme concentration. Therefore, while I worked on this special project, my family picked up the job of preparing for Christmas.
I did manage to enjoy a few Christmas-related gatherings and parties; although the expected highlight of the season (the Kisumu Community Choir concert) had to be canceled at the last moment because the pianist’s mother was hospitalized in Germany. We received word that she has recovered quite well.

The week between Christmas and New Year’s was spent in helping Isaiah write his applications for his next school. He’s completing his IGCSE (commonly called O-Level) in June 2013, and has decided that he would like to spend two more years in high school before proceeding to college. Therefore, he’s applying to a selection of boarding schools in the US and one international program. The 24/7 community life of a boarding school seems to be an exciting prospect for Isaiah. After eight years in a tiny school, the idea of having peers around him all the time is positively exhilarating! His parents, though, are not as excited in that they face the joyous and terrifying milestone of their first child leaving home. James and I pray continuously that God will give abundant grace to each of us in the months ahead.

Eden Grace

  • Hal Weaver

    We highly recommend our Alma Mater, Westtown, as a wonderful place to spend two years.

    In love and peace,


  • Phyllis J. Paulsen

    Grace, it is wonderful that you have so many gifts. I’m glad you could work with the financial reorganization and enjoy doing it.
    I don’t know how old Isaiah is, but taking two more years of high school before college will ensure more successful learning in college. in the U.S. (in Indiana) there are those who are needing remedial classes in college before they can take on regular college courses. This adds to the cost of their education. It is scary for parents for their child to leave home, but that is one of our jobs as parents to help our child to be as independent as possible.
    Thank you for all the things you and your family are doing in the name of Friends.
    Peace be with you . . .
    Phyllis Paulsen, Second Friends, Indianapolis, In, WeYM

  • Anne Nash

    Eden, how wonderful that financial reorganization is something you love and do with energy and an open heart! I agree entirely with Hal’s recommendation to consider Westtown (some scholarship help for Quaker children). Isaiah would find other students interested in the world and supportive of one another most of the time. It is a beautiful, serene campus and there is plenty of intellectual challenge. Good luck in this endeavor and may you all continue to enjoy God’s blessings. Anne

  • Daniel Lihasi

    Remember Eden hard work pays. I appreciate very much for the great assistance in the finance office may God give you peace and more strength in your new job, in fact am going to miss your wholehearted assistance at FTC.