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Field Staff Reports: Joyce Ajlouny – February, 2013

As the second semester began at Ramallah Friends School (RFS), the staff committee initiated a one-hour strike each morning to emphasize their desire for better benefits and pay. Negotiations are continuing and it is my hope the staff will agree to a five-year offer from the Board of Trustees. Meanwhile as discussions continue, the staff agreed to freeze the strike to allow more dialogue.

Three ASHA personnel including Gary Barnett visited RFS on February 2nd.  Board members and school staff hosted them and prepared a wonderful program for them. The ASHA personnel attended classes, had discussions with teachers and students and toured the school grounds. Gary later wrote to us stating how impressed the delegation was at the impact ASHA created. I think we should expect more support from ASHA in the future and I have begun to work on a new ASHA proposal.

Micah Bales (FUM staff) has started working with me on several fundraising/development initiatives. Since we both live in the Washington, D.C. area, Micah is able to stop by my home and work a few hours two days/week. He is a delight to work with and his inputs are very much appreciated. On our priority list is completing a document with the help of Henry Freeman. I will be able to take this document to graduates and other potential Palestinian donors to start raising initial funds for the school endowment.

We continue to pray for our teacher, Nour, who is still stranded in Amman, Jordan. The lawyer is working on getting her back to Ramallah to resume her work soon.

Joyce Ajlouny
Director, Ramallah Friends School


    Evarlasting Father ,we thank you for your immense love and care for our lives and all our needs . Never have you ever left or forsaken us but every time you have stood by our side and walked with us every step of our lives,we love and give glory to you declaring that you are worthy to receive all glory and honour. May you be praised forever ,for it is in Jesus name that we pray and believe,AMEN.


    I thing the first thing you should do is to sit with the teachers and they tell you what they want, because the strike come with the purpose and they may have some thing forcing them to do that, so sit with them to settle the matter .Thank you. we for you in Jesus name.