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Field Staff Reports: Sam & Becky Barber

Barbers Ministry Update

This summer we shared that all of our students but two are going on to secondary
education. Now that number is down to one. I feel we as a Friends institution are a success
here in Belize but I also believe that there are greater things that need to be done.
We finally were able to see the trophy our students earned at the city wide swim
meet held after we left for the states in June. This year our school placed second, the
second year in a row!

We have been pleased to see several students from past years since we returned. A
local television show called, The Next Superstar, a talent competition where the performer
with the lowest votes gets eliminated. Featured on one of the episodes was a drummer
named Ronald Flowers. The next week featured, Hansel Flowers, a student from the 2008-
09 school year. Our most recent scholarship student, Russell Reyes, visits the school
frequently. Many of our students from last year are now attending either Maude Williams
High School or Canaan Seventh Day Adventist High School.

Currently we have six students enrolled, five boys and one girl. The girl is a sister of
one of the girls from last year and is enrolled as a two year student. We also have a student
who has returned from last year to complete his second year with us.

Even though our numbers are currently low, we are not worried. This pattern is the
way it is in Belize. We always advertise in the spring and get a few students then. When
we return we advertise in a local paper and on television. The television advertisement is
on the community bulletin board that appears nightly just before the local news. Students
enroll after we advertise. We are blessed because God transforms the lives of the students
in our school and we are instruments of that transformation.

In His service,

Sam Barber

  • Becke Arnold

    Hi – glad to hear you are back safe and sound – know you are glad to be back in the routine. Looks like Robert is doing well at Barclay – imagine he is greatly missed at your dinner table. It was wonderful seeing and hearing from you this summer. Cannot believe how much the children have grown up. I continue to pray for you and your work in Belize. Keep well and happy – God Bless you all..

  • Angie Gentry

    Hello to all of you. Your mission really resounds with me. I know education is a noble calling.
    I am also inquiring about how to send a paper letter to your children. I was one of the leaders at Children’s Yearly meeting in Iowa and we would love to send thank you cards to your children for coming and spending a few days with us. I have never sent a letter out of the country before and the address you left on the contact card has no zip codes. If you could let me know exactly what to put on the front of the envelope I will get them sent out. Thank You!
    Angie Gentry