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Field Staff Reports: Sam & Becky Barber – January 2013


In my last report, I shared the difficult behavior problems of a pair of brothers who attend our school. Time and a talk with their father have allowed the situation to improve dramatically.

On a sadder note, all of our students attended a funeral for the father of another of our students. His father had died from complications of an illness and a brain tumor. Having everyone attend the funeral made quite an impression on our student and his family. Before his father died, the student (who is 6’3” tall) had many issues of anger. His outbursts intimidated all the other students. Yet through the love and care shown to him by students and faculty, he is a completely different person. His grandmother is adopting him and he willingly comes to school every day.

Our students have gone on a couple of field trips this month: to Global Information Systems and to the weather bureau. Both trips provided the students with useful information about technology and satellite imagery.
The lack of a Thanksgiving holiday did not stop us from providing a traditional Thanksgiving meal for the students. Most of them never tasted pumpkin pie and were delighted with our “traditional” meal. We want to thank USFWI for the provisions in the feeding program that allowed for this wonderful day of celebration.

The newest project we are tackling is a noon nutrition program. Initially this government program began last spring to help primary schools provide good nutrition on the south side of Belize City. Unexplainably, the entire program halted after last year’s elections. However, now it is set to begin in late January and we are attending meetings to learn of ways to implement the program successfully.

We ask that you continue to hold Miss Candi, our students and ourselves in the Light. During this time, violence, home invasions, theft and murder are on the rise. Through all of this we do not fear because we are assured that greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world!

Samuel Barber

  • Phyllis J. Paulsen

    Becky, Sam, Candi, and all your family, i wish you well. Your newsletters fill me with so much hope that the lovely place where you live will only become more lovely for the many ways you live among the Belizeans. Peace and love are helping. You are educating young and old in book learning, vocational, spiritually. What more could you ask of yourselves? I know! Acknowledge your success to yourselves and be happy! Keep on doing your ministry in Belize and to all you meet.
    Blessings to you,
    Phyllis J. Paulsen, Second Friends, Indianapolis

    • Becky

      Thank you for your your words of encouragement. We are energized by the blessings and prayers of others and by the Spirit that directs us. Blessings to you as well.