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Field Staff Reports: Sam & Becky Barber – March 2013

The Ministry of Education once again changed the starting date of the nutritional program that would provide a healthy meal daily to each student. It is now scheduled to begin in early March and also will include health checks and iron and folic acid supplements for every student. With the snack program from the generous donations of USFW and the daily lunch, hunger will no longer be a problem facing our students.

One bit of news of which the school is most proud is that two students from our school were able to compete in the National Spelling Bee. Although neither won, the school was recognized by the local district manager of the Ministry of Education in several of his radio interviews after the contest.

Belize Friends School’s board met this month to review and discuss future ministry opportunities for the school. One of the ideas considered was the development and the conducting of a computer literacy class and an adult basic reading literacy course to be held in the evenings for the community that surrounds our school.

Our students face many horrible realities. Gun violence took the life of the father of one of our students. The father had been in a gang and had moved away from their influence. However, he was a witness in an upcoming trial and was killed so he would not testify. The whole school was affected by this tragedy.

Yet another student reported that her mother is not expected to live very long as she is not taking the medication necessary to stem the tide of the AIDS virus within her body. As one can imagine this young girl is having a difficult time concentrating on her studies because of the worry and anxiety over the situation. Human Services is involved but that is not always a good thing. Please keep both these situations in prayer.

We were happy to have a team from Wilmington Yearly Meeting led by Nancy and Mike McCormick and a team from Grinnell First Friends led by Anthony Nieuwsma visit our school in March. Everyone had good fellowship and fun.

Katie and Sam will be back in the U.S. this summer while Becky and the rest of the family will stay in Belize this summer to work on their residency requirements. Sam hopes to meet with many of you and personally share the growing and wonderful ministry of Belize Friends School.

Sam & Becky Barber

  • Crysttal Barnard

    Hello from Wisconsin.
    I met you folks when you were just preparing to leave for Belize. My prayers are always with you. Just wanted you to beware of the goverment handing our “nutritional” supplements. Iron may give the students stomach aches. They tried it at our school, but when the complaints began, I no longer gave them out. Also and maybe more importantly, as team of “social workers” came to the school on behalf of the government for head lice checks…Every Asian student had head lice ( funny thing-I couldnt find any) and some of the little kids as well. The “treatment” was an agricultural pesticide. I nearly had a FIT. I recognized the smell from what some of the orchards used to use before it was outlawed in the US. Well, I just told that sweet social workers that i’d do the treatments myself :) My best to you all. Mrs. Barnard


    Hallo brothers and sisters in Jesus name am glad to hear the reports , i and my team we keep you in prayers and the run well because the children are our future of our world so let us keep them the light . in other way of Education of our children study well we must saw them all the ways of which will live the good life , we need train them the practicals mostly in Agriculture, Health and the saw them how they can pray at their homes that they overcome the evil of this world. we pray for you in Jesus name Amen.


    Dear Wonderful servants of the most high God ,We always keep you in prayers. and at most the Grace of God is sufficient ,keep on you are wonderfully and fearfully made ,specifically for that noble proffession of child management & Development.only be strict on every donation seek God first children are very on anything new that is introduced to them ,your Graph of perfomance is Good and excellent keep it up.
    [john 3;16-17]KJV.