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Friends Theological College Principal Job Description

Friends United Meeting—Kaimosi, Kenya

• Growing and vibrant Christian faith and experience
• Deep experience and understanding of Friends faith and practice
• Extensive leadership experience in an academic setting
• Staff management and supervision ability
• Strong interpersonal and organizational skills
• Excellent verbal and written communication skill
• Willingness and availability to relocate to Kenya
• Theological literacy
• Capacity to fundraise
• Must have a Master’s degree (Doctorate preferred)

Reports to:

Friends Theological College Board of Governors and Friends United Meeting General Secretary.


• Maintain, promote and serve the educational purposes of Friends Theological College articulated in “The Educational Perspective of Friends Theological College” and in the educational objectives of Friends Theological College:
• To prepare pastors and leaders for Christian service, especially for the Friends Church in Africa.
• To encourage dedication to academic progress, personal development and spiritual growth. The college seeks to integrate faith and learning while focusing on the process of maturity in Christ.
• To maintain the highest standards possible in training men and women for leadership.
• To protect, promote and encourage the teaching of the Bible as understood by Friends.
• To prepare theological gifted students for further study.
• Maintain, promote and serve the participation of Friends Theological College in the ministry priorities of Friends United Meeting, as articulated in its mission statement, “to energize and equip Friends through the power of the Holy Spirit to gather people into fellowships where Jesus Christa is known, loved, and obeyed as Teacher and Lord”; its action priorities of evangelism, leadership development, global partnerships, and communications”; and other
statements and programs.
• Maintain, promote and serve the African FUM/Orthodox Quaker identity of FTC, while nurturing relationship with other Quaker bodies in Africa, the world-wide community of Friends, other theological institutions in Eastern Africa, the world-wide community of theological education and the world-wide community of Christians.
• Serve as the chief executive officer of the college, overseeing all areas of the life and work of the college: academic, spiritual, physical, financial.
• Arranges for and maintains full accreditation of the college with the Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA), largely through the work of the Academic Consultant and/or other Accrediting body that may be authorized by the Kenyan Government in matters related to Higher Education.
• Work collaboratively with the BOG and other Quaker bodies in Kenya to promote and encourage Higher Education

• Serve as Secretary to the FTC Board of Governors.
• Maintain, promote and serve on-going development of the living heritage of the historic Kaimosi Mission. Represents college at activities of Kaimosi Mission institutions.
• Maintain the integrity of Friends Theological College by discovering, resisting, reporting, correcting, discouraging and preventing corruption among all elements of college: students, employees, board, donors, contractors and suppliers. Oversight of contracts, internal audits, bribery-free marking procedures, cheating-free examinations, hiring and promotion based on skills and spiritual suitability to task of educating pastors, chaplains, religious educators and
church administrators, absence of tribalism and of involvement in secular political activities and bribery of government officials as prohibited by applicable law.
• In collaboration with FUM Trustees, General Board , General Secretary and the FTC Board of Governors, undertake the development and implementation of legal bases, policies and administrative systems and publications needed for successful operation of the college.
• Oversee and guide the development and growth of faculty and administrative staff capable of operating and growing Friends Theological College as a fully accredited Bachelor’s degree granting institution.
• Supervise principal’s secretary, administrative assistant and student workers assigned to principal’s office; management team: deputy principal, dean of students, finance officer, academic dean and registrar; and academic consultant.
• Hire, promote and terminate staff other than deputy principal needed for the smooth operation of the college, either directly or, in the case of non-academic staff, delegated through other staff. Reports changes of senior staff to BOG. In case of deputy principal, because s/he serves as principal in the absence of the FUM Field Staff seconded principal, hiring requires affirmation of BOG and FUM general secretary.
• Lead development of new programs for the college such as satellite campuses.
• Be available to teach 1 to 2 courses per term but no more than ½ full-time teaching load.
• Serve as court of final appeal for student disciplinary matters.
• In consultation with college’s finance office and FTC BOG, develop, maintain and oversee business model and funding structure of college collaboration with finance office submit annual budget for approval of the BOG; and administer budget, primarily through the work of the finance office.
• Maintain familiarity with local and world-wide professional developments in the theological disciplines, educational models and trends, and expected needs of African Friends church in order to maintain the competitive strength of the college as compared to other local institutions and to faithfully prepare students for the ministry needs of up-coming decades.
• Carry-out responsibilities and FUM Field Staff tasks, such as reports, communications, visits to constituents, raising of all funds needed for ministry account, special assignments and meetings.
• Assist in fund-raising required for the college to meet its minimal legal responsibilities and programmatic needs
• Serve as Academic Dean of FTC until the absence of a suitably prepared and experienced African Quaker can be rectified.
• Other tasks as needed to maintain and support on-going functioning of college.
• Work closely and cooperatively with the FTC Board of Governors to establish appropriate governance policies and in setting strategic direction for the institution.
• Ensure that proper financial management is carried out throughout the college and report any malpractices in the finances to the BOG and the General Secretary.