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FUM Ministry of the Month – January 2013

North American Ministries

North American Ministries (NAM) is a renewed ministry of Friends United Meeting whose main purpose is to facilitate communication between North American yearly meetings and monthly meetings, identify areas or issues where these yearly meetings can work cooperatively and to develop methods where such work can be undertaken. NAM also responds to initiatives originating in FUM yearly meetings such as facilitating a recent retreat sponsored by New England Yearly Meeting’s Ministry and Counsel Committee. The focus of this retreat was to explore topics vital to the life of meetings within the yearly meeting. Participants were led in discussions about how one prepares for worship, centers and opens one’s heart and soul to God.

NAM is planning other retreats in the next two years in Iowa, Indiana, North Carolina and Great Plains YMs. Retreat topics currently under consideration are: Clerking and Discernment, Financial Management, Conflict Transformation, Ministry and Oversight, Pastoral Care and Leadership Development. Watch for one of these to be offered near you.

Please keep FUM North American Ministries in your daily prayers:

1) Pray that the members of the North American Ministries committee may be spirit led in preparing the upcoming workshops/retreats.
2) Pray that those who do the ground work for each of these events may be blessed through their ministry of hospitality.
3) Pray that the yearly meetings throughout FUM will be open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.
4) Pray that monthly meetings throughout FUM will be strengthened and renewed this year.
5) Pray that individuals throughout FUM will be filled with grace and peace.
6) Pray that those who work with children and young adults may be filled with encouragement and passion.
7) Pray that those who teach and minister to adults will be filled with God’s strength and insight.

Save the dates!

May 3-4, 2013: Clerk Training and Worship, Richmond, Indiana

September 20-22, 2013: If you work with children, youth or young adults, you won’t want to miss this! Look for more information to come!