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FUM News in Brief

Janet Smith from Holly Springs, North Carolina, traveled with 12 others from across North Carolina Yearly Meet­ing in July to work in 12 different Jamaican meetings for Bible School! She worked with Friendstown Meeting, St. Mary District Jamaica, West Indies. Janet had the op­portunity to stay an extra day to discuss the possibility of planting the seeds for a new meeting!

Please pray for Tom Hamm as he continues to recover from his injuries suffered from an accident. He is now home and undergoing therapy. Tom reports he, “and Mary Louise got safely home from Philadelphia early yester­day evening (July 29, 2012). News is good on all fronts. I’m getting around pretty well with a walker. Physical therapy will continue here at home, but the doctors and physical therapists said that I was recovering faster than expected. I should be back to normal in five to seven weeks. Thanks, everyone, for all of the kind thoughts.”

African Great Lakes Initiative (AGLI) was instrumen­tal in the setting up of the Friends Church Peace Team (FCPT) during the post-election violence of 2007. David Zarembka, director of AGLI, will be in the U.S. from Sep­tember 22 through November 11, and is eager to share what FCPT and AGLI are doing to insure a non-violent election in 2013. This is a critical time in Kenya’s history. Please invite David into your meetings to learn more. Contact David: (301) 765-4098 or (314) 647-1287. AGLI website: