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FUM News in Brief

  • Regina Haag, pastor of Adirondack Friends Meeting, New York, is connecting over coffee with the meeting’s young adult Friends, between the ages of 18-35 (40 if parenting young children), to discuss three general queries: “How are you doing?” “What is the best way to stay in contact with you?” “What can the meeting do to help meet your needs and desires?”
  • A centennial celebration was held at the Vancouver meetinghouse in British Columbia, Canada, on November 6, 2011, in honor of the founding of Vancouver Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, in November of 1911. Approximately 70 people attended.
  • Storrs Friends Meeting, Connecticut, recently held an after-meeting conversation on aging. A few of the queries that helped frame the discussion were: “Apart from physical changes, what changes have you noticed in yourself and the world around you?” “What are you most afraid of?” “What are you looking forward to?” “Are you involved with the care of an aging relative? What are you learning from this?” “Do you see yourself as an elder?” “How well does Storrs Friends Meeting support its older members? What more could be done?”
  • The 50th annual Wild Onion Dinner was held at Hominy Friends Meeting, Hominy, Oklahoma, on March 17. Wild onions are among the first plants to green up as spring approaches. When young, they are a tender delicacy with a mild flavor. Many Native Americans prepared feasts with them to celebrate the coming of spring, the beginning of a new year. The feast at Hominy Friends includes wild onions scrambled with eggs, ham, fry bread, hominy, grape dumplings, dessert, coffee, iced tea and sassafras tea. This dinner has been an annual undertaking for Hominy Friends since 1962.
  • Sandwich Quarterly Meeting accepted, at its January meeting, Mattapoisett (Massachusetts) Monthly Meeting’s creation of a new preparative meeting: Barnstable Friends Meeting.
  • Friends Church West (FCW), meeting in the William Penn building in West Des Moines, is growing as Friends there continue to be faithful to the Spirit’s leading. FCW has been called to minister to a large number of African, Asian and Hispanic immigrants in the greater Des Moines area. FCW ministers by offering classes in English as a second language, by praying for one another and worshiping together. The first meeting was held on February 5. Rich and Patty Kopp are the pastors.
  • An All Friends Community Arts Day was hosted at Chatham-Summit Meeting, New Jersey, on March 24. Friends expressed themselves creatively through clay, paper, cloth and food. No skills were necessary, only imagination was required. This ended up being a fun break from the busyness of life and an opportunity for warmth and fellowship among Friends.
  • The young adult Friends group of Burlington Monthly Meeting, Vermont, is holding regular “Meet the Neighbors” events, providing hot meals and fellowship for people in a downtown park. While everyone appreciates a good, hot meal, many people served are really in need of friendship and a listening ear that comes from this kind of loving and practical outreach.