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Fun Ways to Fund-raise!

By Sylvia Graves

  • In January, after the rush of the holidays is over, in your Sunday school class or youth group or USFW, draw names for “Secret Valentines.” Besides doing other little sweet and “sneaky” deeds to encourage that person, select a ministry project according to what you think the other person’s interest might be (for example, medicines for Kaimosi Hospital or goats for Friends Theological College). Raise funds between now and Valentine’s Day so you can send a gift in the name of your Secret Valentine. Plan a party to reveal your Secret Valentines and the gifts you chose for them.
  • With a grandchild, choose a ministry project the two of you would like to support together (for example, tuition for students in Belize, Ramallah or Kenya). Make a covenant to contribute money for each other’s birthdays and other special days until you reach the goal of sending your gift. When your check is ready to send, decorate an envelope, take a special trip to the post office together, then go out for ice cream or some other way to celebrate your success.
  • Find a partner and commit to praying for and contributing regular amounts to a project you can agree to send from both of you (for example, pray for and support the implementation of the peace curriculum in secondary schools in Kenya).
  • Supporting FUM ministry projects can be a great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift. Talk to your children about how they can honor you by raising funds for a project such as supporting an outreach clinic for maternal/child health in a remote, underserved area through Lugulu Hospital, and maybe even promise to match the amount they raise.
  • With your spouse, combine your resources for an anniversary gift that suits you both — support a pastor’s salary at Samburu or Turkana Friends Missions or buy lunch for the students at Lindi Friends School in the Kibera slum.

If you’d like to do a more extensive program for your group to support FUM ministries, please call the FUM office at: (765)962-7573, or e-mail a request. Additional resources, photographs, PowerPoint presentations and staff members to visit your group are all available. I hope you enjoy the giving experience!