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Fun Ways to Fundraise

By Sylvia Graves

  • Plan a party with cupcakes and balloons and ask everyone you invite to bring a small box of money wrapped up as a gift (with no name on it). The children can play a game or exchange names to see which box they get to open. They each count the money in the box they open, take turns writing it on a big chart (so it can be added up later) and then ceremoniously pour the money into a big container so all can see and celebrate!
  • Have a storytelling event, a skit or talent night and vote on the best talent with a penny or nickel per vote. The money goes toward the ministry gift of the winner’s choice.
  • Place a basket on a table during one of your worship services. As the group sings “Let there be peace on Earth,” pass the basket or invite people to bring a monetary contribution forward to place in the basket. The money can be donated to the Friends Church Peace Team or another project that promotes peace.
  • At the beginning of the month, help children in your meeting identify five peace-building behaviors they could choose on a daily basis. Challenge the adults of the meeting to put a dollar in a “Peace Jar” every time they witness a child using one of these behaviors. Continue for one month, but keep noticing and encouraging the youngsters to be peacemakers all year long.

If you’d like to do a more extensive program for your group to support FUM ministries, please call the FUM office at: (765)962-7573. Additional resources, photographs, PowerPoint presentations and staff members to visit your group are all available. I hope you enjoy the giving experience!